Monday, April 14, 2014

34 Weeks

Today I am 34 weeks pregnant with little man, only 6 weeks left until my due date. I had a check up this evening and everything is going great. I am still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead of where I should be, which  means this belly is big and almost the size of a full term belly, but still has growing to do. I have also gained more weight with this pregnancy than I did with the girls, I have some how managed to pack on 35 pounds so far and it is pretty much all belly. I look like I am trying to smuggle a beach ball everywhere I go under my shirt. Because of the weight and the position this little guy has put himself in, my hips are in constant pain and I waddle around. Oh the joys of pregnancy. Seriously though, I love feeling this little guy wiggle and Lillian and Claire love to snuggle up next to me and rest their hands on my belly to feel him move. They talk to baby all the time. They give him hugs and kisses goodnight and when I leave for work in the mornings.
Baby still doesn't have a set name, but his room is coming along. I need to find a lamp and some picture frames to hang a few things above the dresser. I also have a big empty wall space  that I need to figure out what to put there. Overall, I am very happy with how his room is coming together.
I'll work on an update on Lillian and Claire soon and take some pictures to share of them, this belly and the room.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

February Snow

Since we are only days away from spring officially starting, I thought it was about time I finally post a few pictures from our big snow storm we had in February. Thankfully, Josh was off work and my office closed for the day, so we had an unexpected family day and a lot of snow.
When we woke up in the morning the ground was barely covered, by mid-morning cars were getting stuck driving down out street and as the day progressed the snow became deeper and deeper. I think Josh shoveled 4 times throughout the day trying to keep up and again the following morning before he headed off to work.
Lillian and Claire were so excited to finally have snow to play in this winter, we had a few smaller snow falls earlier in the season, but it was never enough to play in or the temperatures were so cold it wasn't safe to play outside. The pictures below are from our first trip outside, around mid-morning and the snow was 3-4 inches deep. They went down the front hill so many times the grass was exposed and then it was time to head back in to warm up. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

28 Weeks

Some how I am already 28 weeks pregnant. That means I am already in my third trimester and only have 12 weeks left until we meet our little guy. Overall I have been feeling pretty good. Sleeping has been uncomfortable for several weeks now. I have to wake up to rotate and my hips hurt like you wouldn't believe, so that makes moving around even more difficult. I really do not remember my hips hurting this bad when I was pregnant with Lillian and Claire. During the day I am tired, but I think that mostly stems from the lack of solid sleep at night and the lack of caffeine. Oh, and the girls and I have had colds and with lots of congestion for the past week, so that keeps us from getting solid sleep as well.
Last week I had an ultrasound my doctor ordered. When I went for my 20 week growth scan ultrasound there were a few measurements that the tech was unable to get or missed and my doctor was wanting them done. Once again, it was a family event with all four of us in the room. It was much quicker since we didn't need the full body scan. We had a nice surprise when the ultrasound tech switched over from the regular images to the 4D image and we were able to see so much detail on our little man's face. He gave us a little smile and has the cutest little face. I think he has more of the Zullner nose than a Ward nose at this point. Below is one of the images we came home with from the office, I love looking at that sweet face. 

The past few weekends we have also started the transition in turning the guest/storage room into a nursery. It was a lot of work clearing out 7.5 years worth of items that has collected in that room. We have donated several trash bags and boxes of items, I sold a few larger things, tons have been thrown away and we have a large pile of things that need to find a new place to be stored in the house. Yesterday we started the processes of painting. Lillian and Claire added the first bit of color to the walls and painted some lovely pictures on the walls, but eventually they were kicked out of the room when the paint was starting to drip and make a mess. The walls are now completely painted. Hopefully this coming weekend I will be able to work on painting all of the wood trim and then we can really get to work on creating our nursery.

Baby is still without a name for those of you wondering, but I promise he will have a name before he comes home from the hospital. :-)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Belly

The first photo is from when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Lillian and Claire. The second photo is tonight, 25 weeks pregnant with our little guy.

We have had a lot of people asking if we have a name picked out for baby boy, and the answer is not yet. We do have a middle name that Josh has picked out, but so far there has not been a first name that we both love (mostly me) and sounds perfect. We have 3.5 months, I am confident that at some point between now and leaving the hospital the perfect name will be chosen.

Friday, January 31, 2014


I am now almost 24 weeks pregnant, which I guess makes me in the middle of month 6 of being pregnant. When someone asks me how far a long I am, I never know if I should answer in weeks or months. Everything now is measured in weeks during pregnancy and I never know the conversion of weeks to months, just that we hope baby stays put until 40 weeks, or as close as possible.
This pregnancy has been very different than when I was pregnant with Lillian and Claire, you know, besides the fact that there is only one brewing this time. I am still tired all the time, but life happens and I don't get to nap like I did during my first pregnancy. I also get terrible heartburn this time around. Last time, it came towards the end and wasn't often. Another difference, I burp all the time. However, one thing that is similar is the feeling of movement. When I was pregnant with the girls I felt those first flutters, with certainty, at 18 weeks. Josh was able to feel our girls move the first time at 23 weeks and they haven't slowed down a bit since. This time, I felt those flutters again at 18 weeks. At almost 22 weeks, Lillian, Claire and myself were snuggling on the couch watching a movie while Josh was stuck at work. They felt their brother kick/punch them for the first time that night. It took a few more days after that before Josh felt him move and since then he has been a wiggle worm and is always moving.
I love that Lillian and Claire kiss baby goodbye in the mornings when I leave for work when they kiss me goodbye. They hug my belly and whisper secrets to him already. Claire comes up with new name ideas daily, her favorites include Alex, Andrew, Tyler, Aiden, and Owen. Lillian hasn't had many name suggestions, but that's okay, because I am at a loss as well. I figure we have until the day we leave the hospital with him to pick a name, no need to rush and settle on a name that doesn't feel right.
I haven't taken many pictures of my growing belly yet, but I assure you, it is hard to miss. Maybe this weekend I will attempt a picture.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Baby Boy

Tuesday I went in for my 20 week prenatal check up and ultrasound to check our little ones growth and make sure everything is looking good. We started with the ultrasound, Josh, Lillian and Claire were all in the room with me and watched on the large screen as the ultrasound tech examined and measured each little part of our baby. I love that Lillian and Claire were able to be there with us and I am really hoping this is a memory that will stick with them as they grow up.
They were really excited at first seeing that sweet little face on the screen, but they quickly became bored as the tech worked from top to bottom getting measurements. Looking at the skull, brain and then abdomen was not very exciting to them. They wanted to know if baby was a boy or girl and they enjoyed seeing the arms and legs wave all around. After about 20 minutes, finally we heard what we had been waiting for, the tech said, there is what we call a turtle head, you have a boy.
Both girls have been hoping for a baby sister for well over a year now. Finding out they are going to have a baby brother instead of a baby sister was a huge disappointment for them. They right away started saying they want a sister, not a brother. Claire said we can have another baby after this one and try again for a sister. She also asked if she could still put bows in baby's hair. Josh has already declared that neither of those are options.
After a day or two they have started to come around and accept they are going to be big sisters to a baby boy. I think what won Claire over was telling her should wouldn't have to share her pink or Barbie's with a brother. Lillian will still put on her fake grumpy face, but I can tell she is excited for a boy.
The rest of the check up went great. Our baby boy is measuring right on track, is weighing roughly 13 oz., has a strong healthy heartbeat and brain development looks fantastic.
Just like my pregnancy with the girls, I have been very blessed with not having any morning sickness and over all feeling really well. The first few months I was hungry and tired constantly, but I have since moved out of that stage and now I can feel like a semi normal person again, but with a growing belly. I started, with confidence, feeling movement around 18 weeks, same as with the girls. Each day I am feeling the movement become stronger and more consistent. This little guy is most active while I am sitting at my desk at work or in the evening after the girls are in bed and Josh and I are spending time together in the living room.
Now comes the fun in having to clean out our guest room and figure out where we are going to put everything that has been stored in there for the last 7.5 years and turn it into a nursery.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Lillian & Claire Turn 5!

Actually, they turned five almost two weeks ago, but like everyone else, these last few weeks have been extremely busy and I have not taken the time to write anything about it.
These past five years have been amazing watching my baby girls grow into sweet little girls. Lillian loves to perform. She is always singing and dancing. Sometimes they are songs she hears on the radio or from a show, but she also makes up her own songs and sings them with so much pride. She talks with her hands and pops that little hip of hers out. Her favorite color is still yellow. She eats mustard on her hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken fingers.
Claire loves to talk, especially when in the car. She is very curious and is always asking questions and wanting to know more. She takes so much pride in picking out her own clothes and it usually involves head to toe pink, her favorite color.
Both girls love to snuggle, color and play with Barbie's. They love their princesses and dress up clothes, but adore their time with Daddy and watching Spiderman or Power Rangers. Their room is always a disaster from their art creations, dolls and multiple outfit changes each day. They love to help around the house with cooking and cleaning, just as long as it doesn't involve cleaning their own messes.
Their birthday fell on a Sunday this year. Sadly, Josh was working, so we had a low key day just the three of us. The day started with Lillian trying to wake Claire up by sharing her excitement over it being their birthday. When Claire had no interest in waking up yet, Lillian came and climbed in bed with me. She said to me, "mommy, I don't feel any different today. I don't feel five." Lillian is our early bird and Claire loves to spend her morning snuggled in her warm bed. After church, they were able to pick where they wanted a special birthday lunch. They both agreed on McDonald's so they could play in the Play Place. We spent almost two hours there and they had a blast with all of the kids. The night before we had an ice storm with a layer of snow, so the this was a great way to get all that energy out without going crazy in our house. They had  a little time to play in the snow after lunch while I shoveled part of our driveway. We then came inside to warm up and bake a cake together. It was a mess, we had cake mix all over the place sprinkles on the floor, but they did the work and loved it. For dinner they requested homemade pizza and cheese bread. Josh was late getting home from work, but Lillian and Claire were troopers and didn't complain about having to wait to blow out candles and open presents.
I would say overall they had a great day. The only thing that could have made it better would be to have daddy home to celebrate all day with us, but we are thankful for the evening we did have together.