Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Post From the Road

Sorry there are no pictures to share, but just wanted to add a little update while are are still traveling. First off, way to go Packers! I was lucky enough to go to the game today and watch them beat the Seahawks with a 48-10 victory, what a great win for my first game!! Alright, on to the girls. We had a wonderful birthday celebration with cake and gifts at my Mom's house Wednesday night, they smashed the cake between their fingers and ran it through their hair before eating it all up. We were blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my amazing family. Lillian and Claire were a little timid at first being in new places and seeing so many unfamiliar faces, but after a little exploring they warmed right up. I bought snowsuits for the girls and we bundled them up and took them outside to "play" in the snow. Lillian had no interest and was ready to go back inside right away. Claire loved having Grandpa pull her around in the sled and crawling around in the snow. They certainly are missing their beds though. Claire got sick last night, she didn't have a fever or anything, but there was a lot of vomiting. She got a great nights sleep and that helped, but wasn't feeling 100% back to her normal self, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Josh also got sick last night, not sure what it is, but again no fever, he is also feeling better tonight. Tonight is our last night in Wisconsin and we will be heading to Minnesota tomorrow afternoon to see some dear friends and many of them will meet the girls for the first time. I can't wait! We will be driving back home on Thursday and hopefully soon after that I will be able to get some pictures uploaded from our travels. Happy holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy First Birthday!

Today my beautiful baby girls turn one! I cannot get over how fast this past year has gone. Technically they were born at 7:48 and 7:49am and at this time (1:30am) a year ago I was wide awake with nerves awaiting their arrival. I have been blessed with two healthy and happy girls. Because of my girls, I have smiled more in just this past year then I have all my other years combined, they make my heart and life complete.

What a difference a year makes. Happy birthday beautiful girls.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bottle Free

Claire and Lillian
Grandma Pattie teaching Lillian and Claire how to crawl through their new tunnel
Claire trying to figure it out
Lillian isn't too sure of it yet.

They sure love wrapping paper
Working on unwrapping their new tunnel and tent
Hanging out with Uncle Baris
Claire enjoyed the boxes more then she did the clothes.
Claire and Lillian

Unwrapping their fun new farm puzzle from their mini-elfs.

Not too much new going on over here except the girls are completely bottle free now. The first three nights were a bit rough, they were not at all happy about having to go to bed without that bottle, but the last two nights have gone so much better. It is so nice not having to worry about making bottles during the day and then having to wash them all at night. Not having to buy formula anymore is wonderful as well. Oh, and they are both doing great with whole milk.

Both girls are walking all over the house now and rarely ever crawl, they both have 7 teeth now and are biting into all of their food. Lillian's bottom is still clear (knocking on wood) but still has the rash on her belly. She also does this silly thing where she will plop down to the ground and will crawl with her head down on the floor and bottom in the air, she will keep going until she bumps into something, look up to see what it is and change direction. Claire enjoys picking her food off of her high chair try and dropping it down to the floor to feed Leia.

We have also introduced the girls to their toothbrushes. They love them! We gave them each their toothbrush and let them play with it for a bit while in their cribs and they of course when right to their mouths. After they play for a few minutes we make silly sounds while brushing their little teeth and both girls laugh and think it is so funny. I was worried it would be torture, but so far so good.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lillian's Tush

As you know, we have been battling for a long time a rash on Lillian's bottom. We have been giving her a nightly zinc supplement for almost 2 weeks now and it seems to help. Actually, I am not really sure if it is the zinc or something else since she has been clear a little longer then she has been getting the zinc, either way, I will take it. However, she still has that rash on her abdomen, but I am thinking that has more to do with the cold and dry weather. we will have to get a cool mist humidifier for the house.

Broken Computer

I just wanted to let everyone know that our home computer is very sick right now, as in not working at all, so there will not be very many updates with pictures for awhile. I know, I am sad too. Since I am working, if you can call it that, and have a computer I can use there, I will still try to give updates, even if they are picture free.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Growing too Fast!

Every morning when I wake up, each night I check on them and every single time I look at my girls, I can't get over how fast they are growing up. They both have even more new teeth, Lillian sprouted her right front tooth and is currently working on the left front. Claire has another lower tooth on the right. They are both taking off with their walking and climbing. They are all over the place, talking so much more, cuddling each other, Leia and us, and I love it all! It makes me sad that they are growing older and are no longer my tiny little babies, but no matter how big they grow they will always be my babies.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going to See Daddy/Santa and the Station

Tonight was Shop with a Cop and the police department. Josh was volunteered, without his knowledge, to dress up as the big man in red, Santa. Since a few nights ago I baked 10 dozen cookies for the event, I decided to pack the girls up tonight and go for a visit to the station. First of all, the girls were a hit! It was the first time that most of the officers have seen them, besides pictures of course. Also, there were a ton of preteen kiddos there that just could not get enough of Lillian and Claire. There was one girl there who became best friends with my girls, she stopped hanging out with her friends to come play with the girls. They had fun walking all around the station and showing off all their skills. After a short wait, Santa appeared. This was not the girls first Santa experience, but they still could not take their eyes off of him. They wanted to touch the beard, pet the coat, and just examine him. Wonder how they would react if they knew it was Dad under there.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lillian Walking

I think it is pretty safe to say that Lillian is now walking. This past week she has been getting up and walking a lot more. She is still a little unstable, but give her another week and there will be no stopping her.

Dropping Bottles

It is my goal to have the girls completely off bottles by the time they are 1, which by the way is now less then 2 weeks away! The week after they turned 11 months we took away their 11 o'clock bottle and they didn't seem to even notice it was gone. Last week we took away their 3 o'clock bottle and again we replaced it with a snack and they could care less. Yesterday was the first day we took away their morning bottle when they first get up; they are not happy about that one! Next week we are going to try and take away their 7 o'clock bottle, their last one of the day. That one will also be difficult, but after a few days I am sure they won't even remember. Wish us luck and if you have any tips please let me know.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Liller Bug

I meant to update on Lillian last week after we got her test results back, but I tend to forget things. :-) Just as a reminder, Lillian has had a bad rash on her bottom sine mid-August. She has been to the doctor many times because of this and we have tried many different treatments, some have helps clear it temporarily, but never more then just a few days. She also has a rash on her abdomen and her cheeks are starting to get pink. We took her to get her blood drawn last week to check her zinc levels and the results came back as low zinc. She now is given an oral zinc supplement nightly with dinner and we will do this for the next month. After the month is up we will take her to get her blood tested again and hope this works for her and clears everything up. She has been taking the zinc since Friday and so far it doesn't seem to be getting better. I am hoping this is one of those "gets worse before better" things or we will be making another call by the end of the week.
Other Lillian news, she has a front tooth is that just starting to break through the skin tonight, so hopefully by morning she will have her fifth tooth. One more note, she is walking so much more and loving it! She is walking much further and with much more confidence, however if she stumbles, she tends to just finish her path by crawling. By there birthday (just two short weeks away) I am sure they will both be all over the place with only walking.

Alright and now some pictures of both my beautiful girls.

Look at those pink cheeks on Lillian.
Lillian's blueberry face

Sunday, December 6, 2009

First meeting with Santa

On Saturday we took the girls for the first meeting with Santa. My local Mom's of Multiples group hosted their annual pancake breakfast fundraiser with Santa being the main attraction. The girls loved their pancakes, as usual, and were confused by the big hairy man Mom and Dad were passing them off to. Josh had the camera and took exactly three pictures, the ones you see below, so this is what we have this year for Santa.

Claire all snuggled up in her new coat on the way to see Santa

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New skills and new tooth!

Yesterday Lillian's left "fang" came through yesterday so that makes a grand total of 4 for her now, only 1 more and she will be caught up with Claire. It is fun hearing them actually use those teeth when they are biting into their food, you can hear them bite into the crisp apple bites and bite off bits of crackers. Lillian is also starting to take more steps and is walking with more confidence. There is no slowing Claire down now. She thinks she has master the whole walking thing, so she has little Fred Flinstone legs and she gets them going so fast she topples over, so there has been a lot of head bumps lately, some she fusses over but most the time she gets back up and keeps on going.
We took Lillian to Children's Mercy on Monday to get her blood drawn. She still has that continuous rash on her tush that never fully clears for more then a few days and after trying many creams and ointments our pediatrician wants to check her zinc levels. Apparently, some babies tend to have a zinc deficiency which can lead to rashes on their bodies. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have those results back. Oh, she did great until they held her arm still so she couldn't move it during the draw, the needle didn't seem to phase her and once they let go of her she was just fine again.
Alright now for the fun stuff, here are some pictures.

Yo Gabba Gabba has a special place in Claire and Lillian's hearts. There it Tootie and Foofa.

Lillian, she loves her belly and takes every opportunity to pat it.
Leia, Lillian and Claire. All three of them love looking out the windows and being nosy neighbors.
Josh and Lillian playing around.
Claire is making her way over to get some cuddles with Josh.
This is Claire's newest trick. We had been using the base of their activity table as a barrier from the cords. However, Claire learned this snazzy new trick from cousin Dannika at Thanksgiving, just climb up into the table!
Time to chill.
It is night night time which means hallway races.
Lillian and Claire with their hair in their eyes.