Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lots of Love and Smiles!

There is always so much love and smiles with Lillian and Claire that I just cannot help but share them with everyone. 

They had a rough day and fell asleep in the car.  (Claire and Lillian)
A Lily Pad smile!
A Claire Bear smile!
Cuddle time, sorry you got cut off Lillian :-(
Josh home for dinner having some cuddle time with Lillian. I was busy still eating when he was having his cuddle time with Claire, so no pictures tonight of them. 

I have been back to work for over a month now and it is still so hard not spending my days with the girls. I know I am luck and they are just down the hall from me, but having to walk out of their classroom everyday breaks my heart. Since we don't get home until shortly after 5 o'clock most days, I have to rush and get dinner started. Not long after dinner is finished and cleaned up it is time for their jammies and last bottle for the night. That really doesn't leave us with much time to just relax and enjoy each other. I loved today being able to spend my day holding my girls, watching them smile at each other, wiggle around and I loved being the one who gets to comfort them when they are upset. These are the simple things I miss everyday and when I get to spend time with Lillian and Claire it makes my heart so happy. 

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