Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago today was when I found out I was pregnant. I remember it like it was yesterday, this is a memory I don't think I could ever forget. It was a Monday evening and Josh actually had off work, which doesn't happen often. He was off letting a friends dog out and I thought just for fun I would take a pregnancy test. I completely expected for the test to come back negative, so when I took the test and instantly saw a plus sign I was in total shock. As soon as I saw that I did a little happy dance, started to scream and had a smile so big I wasn't sure it would ever leave my face. Since Josh wasn't home I quickly went to Leia and gave her a great big hug, she had a concerned look on her face like I was going crazy. 

After a long 10 minute wait for Josh to come back home, I took his hand as he walked into the living room and led him into our bathroom. I think he was a little confused since this is not a normal routine for us. I showed him the positive test and he was in just as much shock as I was. We held each other tight realizing from that point on our lives would never be the same and we cried happy tears.  Of course just like any man, he needed to be completely convinced and was not sure if he believed the single test. After dinner we hopped in the car to pick up another test "just to be sure." 

My life today is wonderful. I have two amazing girls who make getting up in the morning so much easier when they flash me their beautiful smiles. They light up when they see their Daddy and they are two of the best cuddlers I have ever known. Josh has continued to be an amazing husband and seeing him as a father just makes me fall more in love with him every day. We still have those smiles across our faces, they have not yet gone away. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pictures from Today

Here are some pictures from today, morning jammies, afternoon play, and trying out the robes after tubby time. 

Claire and Lillian
Lillian and Claire
Lillian likes to sleep on her side in her crib, so why not do it in the bouncer?
Lillian the Duck
Claire the Giraffe
I think it is safe to say, they are going to hate me some day for these.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun on the Floor

We have had a wonderful day! The girls both slept until 7:30, which is great because usually they are up around 6:30am. We then all got dressed and went out and about to some rummage sales, our only buys were a few movies Josh found. They both took a great nap after all that fresh air and had some fun on the floor. 

Lillian and Claire holding hands.

Friday, April 24, 2009

4 Month Picture and More

I still cannot get over my girls are 4 months already! Both are finally back to their normal selves after being sick. They both ran fevers after all their vaccinations on Wednesday so everyone stayed home on Thursday and had a day to relax and feel better. Lillian went to bed at 8 like every other night and didn't make a peep. Claire on the other hand decided to scream and cry for over three hours and nothing worked to console her. It broke my heart not knowing what I could do to help her and nothing we tried helped her relax. Finally around 11:30 she fell asleep for the night. The both slept in this morning and spent the morning with Aunt Maggie and Grandma Pattie. Both are back in high spirits and all smiles tonight. Oh, and more importantly, both were asleep in their cribs by 8:30. 

Lillian just loves her sister Claire!
Josh, Claire and Lillian
I LOVE this picture, it makes my heart happy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My babies are 4 months old!

I can't believe how fast four months can fly by and how much our girls have changed in that short amount of time. Sorry I don't have my monthly picture to post tonight, but we had two very grumpy babies at home. Claire has been feeling better, still a slight temp, but not at all as high as it was yesterday. Lillian ran a small temp tonight as well, probably from their vaccinations today, but overall they are doing great. Alright, onto their 4 month stats. Claire weighed in at 13lbs. 7 oz. and is 25 inches long (sorry, I think I told a few people the wrong length). Lillian is 13lbs and 24 1/2 inches long, (again, I think I said the wrong length). I will take their monthly picture tomorrow, if they are in better spirits, and add it in the evening. 

Oh, and if anyone has any ideas on how to get them in and out of daycare without having to carry them both in their car seat carriers I am open for ideas. They are getting so heavy and it is causing my body so much pain carrying them both this way now. I would use our stroller, but it is such a pain to get in and out of the trunk of my car. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a Day!

Today at school Lillian rolled completely over for the first time and when we got home she continued to do it. Claire on the other hand has been running a temp all day and has not been feeling well. Some Tylenol helped her a bit, but luckily tomorrow they have their 4 month check up and we can see what their pediatrician says then. Oh yes, I said 4 months! I can't believe tomorrow they will be 4 months already, where has they time gone? I will be sure to update tomorrow with their monthly picture and their stats from their appointment. 

Lillian having fun kicking the water and making the duck flip over. 
Claire during tubby time with the police duck.
Lillian rolling over (I hope this works)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Josh heard laughs

Josh came home for a fast dinner break and he was holding Claire while I finished up dinner and get got her to laugh. Again I did not hear it, the same thing happened with Lillian earlier this week. I have not been able to get either of them to laugh, so I guess I am just not funny or they think Josh is silly looking. I have been loving that the weather is finally staying warm so I can take the girls out for walks. The fresh air has been great for all of us and it feels so good getting out of the house and going for walks again. On todays walk they both zonked out pretty quickly and woke up on the wrong side of the stroller. :-) They sure had a cranky day today, so hopefully a good nights sleep will help them out. 

Josh with Lillian, Leia and Claire
Lillian and Claire

They have just recently started to enjoy the toys hanging on their bouncers and will sit there playing with them and watching them for a long time. I also added a mirror which really catches their interest some of the time. 

Claire sleeping with her bug

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awww, look at the babies!

This drives me nuts! I just walked out of the girls classroom with one carrier on each arm, my purse, a coat and their bag of bottles; not exactly a light load. Two moms were standing in the hallway chatting and completely blocking my way through to sign them out and to the front door. They continue to stand there any then say, "awww, look at the babies." Yes I know my babies are cute, but they are also very heavy to carry and tough to maneuver through a narrow hallway which is being blocked. I was ready to get home and when people just stand there watching me struggle instead of offer to help hold a door it upsets me.  Now not all the parents at school are like this. I have had some pretty wonderful people see me walking through the parking lot and they are just about to get into their own car, but they quickly run ahead of me to hold all the doors open. I have also had other teachers at the school see me unload them and offer to carry one in for me. 
Can you tell it is nearing the end of the week and I am getting grumpy? Yeah for Friday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Should this be a compliment?

Tonight we went over to our friends, Josh and Kelly, for burgers. On the way we stopped at the store to pick up some chips and soda. When I was checking out the older cashier lady asked if I had savers card for the store. I replied no. She then asked "well, does your mother have one?" I again replied no. I know I am young, but I don't think that I look that young that someone would think that I would still live at home. I got in the car and told Josh, he just laughed and asked if I told her I was married with twin girls. I guess it is time to make a hair appointment and change up the style again. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

We have been trying, but nothing is working.

Last Friday when I went to the girls classroom to pick them up at the end of the day, their teachers told me that Claire laughed out loud. I was bummed since I did not get to hear it first, but excited to hear giggles all weekend. Well, we have tried everything and we still have not heard a laugh. Lillian tonight had a big smile and gave a little squeal, hopefully that is the start for her, but nothing from Claire. When I asked the teachers today if it was a real laugh or a grunt, she said a real laugh. I guess we will just have to try harder and keep working at it. 

Moving on... here are a few new pictures from this weekend and tonight. By the way, we are all about tummy time lately. The girls are loving it (most of the time). 

Lillian and Claire
Claire and Lillian
Lillian and Leia

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Much Needed New Pictures

Lillian and Claire having some fun playing on the floor together.
Lillian after her tubby
Claire was not a fan of the cold air after getting out of the warm tub
Josh and Claire doing who knows what.
Lillian is enjoying a cuddle with Grandpa.

Monday, April 6, 2009

She Did It!!!!

Tonight I went to my first Double Joy Mother's of Multiples meeting and I was able to meet many other local moms who have twins or more. Josh stayed home with the girls, so it was nice getting out, but I wondered the whole meeting how the three of them were surviving. When I got home, Josh has just put Lillian and Claire to bed, but Claire had just woke up so I went to get her. We had a little cuddle time and when I put her back into her crib she was wiggling to get into her comfy position and she ROLLED OVER!! Both Lillian and Claire have been trying so hard for weeks now and Claire did it tonight! It was even more exciting because Josh and I were both in the room and saw her roll. It was hard trying to stay quiet since Lillian was asleep and Claire was just getting settled again. Hopefully she will roll again soon and Lillian I am sure will be following along soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Great idea for all Moms!

The Multiples and More blog I follow found this great jewelry designer that makes custom everything! Her work is beautiful and I think I need to buy myself a Mother's Day gift from her Etsy store. This could also be a great gift idea for those who are looking to buy something special for their own loved ones. Check out her store here

Sorry it has been a week.

Sorry it has been over a week since I lost posted. It has been a busy week around here, but a good one. Lillian has had a very stuffy nose since last weekend so that has caused her a lot of discomfort, but we have proped her up while sleeping at night and that has really helped her. Yesterday we the local Mom's of Multiples group, Double Joy, garage sale and I sold some of my maternity clothes and the girls newborn sizes that don't fit them anymore. It was actually very refreshing putting my maternity clothes on the rack to be done with them. Almost all of the girls items sold as well. Friday night after the set up for the sale was finished, I was able to do some presale shopping and found some great deals! 
This weekend Dad and Sandy also made a last minute trip down here. It was so great seeing them and Lillian and Claire had lots of cuddle time with them. We went out for lunch and the girls slept through that, so we all went to the mall and they were happy as can be checking everything out from their stroller. It was crazy through how many other twins we saw at the mall, it was almost as if there were a twin convention at the mall :-) It was sad seeing them head off to the airport this morning, but it will only be a month and a half and we are heading to Wisconsin and we will be able to see everyone again. 
Hopefully later this evening I will have a chance to upload a few new pictures of these growing girls.