Friday, April 24, 2009

4 Month Picture and More

I still cannot get over my girls are 4 months already! Both are finally back to their normal selves after being sick. They both ran fevers after all their vaccinations on Wednesday so everyone stayed home on Thursday and had a day to relax and feel better. Lillian went to bed at 8 like every other night and didn't make a peep. Claire on the other hand decided to scream and cry for over three hours and nothing worked to console her. It broke my heart not knowing what I could do to help her and nothing we tried helped her relax. Finally around 11:30 she fell asleep for the night. The both slept in this morning and spent the morning with Aunt Maggie and Grandma Pattie. Both are back in high spirits and all smiles tonight. Oh, and more importantly, both were asleep in their cribs by 8:30. 

Lillian just loves her sister Claire!
Josh, Claire and Lillian
I LOVE this picture, it makes my heart happy!

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