Saturday, April 18, 2009

Josh heard laughs

Josh came home for a fast dinner break and he was holding Claire while I finished up dinner and get got her to laugh. Again I did not hear it, the same thing happened with Lillian earlier this week. I have not been able to get either of them to laugh, so I guess I am just not funny or they think Josh is silly looking. I have been loving that the weather is finally staying warm so I can take the girls out for walks. The fresh air has been great for all of us and it feels so good getting out of the house and going for walks again. On todays walk they both zonked out pretty quickly and woke up on the wrong side of the stroller. :-) They sure had a cranky day today, so hopefully a good nights sleep will help them out. 

Josh with Lillian, Leia and Claire
Lillian and Claire

They have just recently started to enjoy the toys hanging on their bouncers and will sit there playing with them and watching them for a long time. I also added a mirror which really catches their interest some of the time. 

Claire sleeping with her bug

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  1. I'm going with they think that Josh looks funny! :)~