Monday, April 6, 2009

She Did It!!!!

Tonight I went to my first Double Joy Mother's of Multiples meeting and I was able to meet many other local moms who have twins or more. Josh stayed home with the girls, so it was nice getting out, but I wondered the whole meeting how the three of them were surviving. When I got home, Josh has just put Lillian and Claire to bed, but Claire had just woke up so I went to get her. We had a little cuddle time and when I put her back into her crib she was wiggling to get into her comfy position and she ROLLED OVER!! Both Lillian and Claire have been trying so hard for weeks now and Claire did it tonight! It was even more exciting because Josh and I were both in the room and saw her roll. It was hard trying to stay quiet since Lillian was asleep and Claire was just getting settled again. Hopefully she will roll again soon and Lillian I am sure will be following along soon.


  1. Yay! It's only the beginning. Very soon they'll both be rolling across the room : ) Isn't it fun watching your children learn new things?