Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a Day!

Today at school Lillian rolled completely over for the first time and when we got home she continued to do it. Claire on the other hand has been running a temp all day and has not been feeling well. Some Tylenol helped her a bit, but luckily tomorrow they have their 4 month check up and we can see what their pediatrician says then. Oh yes, I said 4 months! I can't believe tomorrow they will be 4 months already, where has they time gone? I will be sure to update tomorrow with their monthly picture and their stats from their appointment. 

Lillian having fun kicking the water and making the duck flip over. 
Claire during tubby time with the police duck.
Lillian rolling over (I hope this works)

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  1. That's terrific, Lillian!!! I hope Claire is feeling better and look forward to seeing the girls' stats.