Sunday, May 31, 2009

VCUG annd Renal Sonogram

On Friday I received a phone call from our pediatricians office with the results of Lillian's labs. Turns out she does not have a bladder infection like they have been treating her for and instead she has a urinary tract infection (UTI). We have had to change her antibiotics because a UTI is resists the one she was on. Also, they scheduled her from a VCUG and renal sonogram on June 9th. This is a procedure where they will insert an cathider to drain the bladder then fill it with a liquid that will show on an sonogram. They will be looking to see if the fluid moves back into the kidneys for a type of reflux. Apparently this is common for children who have had a UTI. For more information check out this site and I will be sure to update after the test is complete and we have the results. 
Lillian has been acting like herself more and more everyday. She has been full of smiles, laughter and babbling up a storm. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Five Months Old

Sorry this is a few days late (actually it is almost a week late). I cannot believe that my girls are already five months old, where has this time gone!?! Trying to get pictures are starting to get harder and harder. Lillian kept playing with the blanket and Claire has discovered her toes. Here are some of the best from our little photo session. Enjoy!

Lillian and Claire
Claire, earlier in the evening discovered her toes and constantly wanted to grab them and pull on them. Forget smiles this time. 
Lillian just wanted to eat the blanket. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our First Road Trip

Over the weekend we took the girls on their first road trip to Wisconsin to see my family. We had quite the adventure since before we even arrived Lillian got sick. She was sick all weekend with a fever, vomiting, constapation, and fussiness. It began Friday evening and only got worse as the weekend went on. Finally on Sunday we took her to the ER to have her checked out and they took an x-ray and diagnosed her with mild constapation. They didn't run any other tests to try and see if she had any infections which resulted in her constant high fever. When we returned back home Tuesday I took her to her regular pediatrician and they tested for flu which came back negative then took a urine sample and Lillian showed some signs of a bladder infection. She is on antibiotics to treat the infection and hopefully she will soon be herself. 

Even though Lillian was not feeling well we tried to enjoy ourselves and the company of family. We had a chance to visit with Grandmas and Grandpas, Great-Grandmas and Great-Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and Counsins. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. 

Claire and Lillian with Great Grandma and Grandpa Z
Lillian and I in the ER
Grandma Jessie, Claire, Aunt Holly and Lillian
Claire eating her cereal
Before this weekend they had not slept together since being in the hospital. Lillian was a little bit of a bed hog and was "butting" Claire out of the way. Claire had just woken up and Lillian is still asleep.
Cousin Ray and Coy eating some grapes.
Aunt Holly with Lillian and I am with Claire
Cousin Shay
Daddy and Lillian taking an afternoon nap
Lillian, Shay and Claire (L&C are 5mo, Shay is 3mo)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Allow Me to Brag a Little Bit

Today we had a great day! The girls got up for their morning bottles and we actually made breakfast before going to church this morning. After showers and a second bottle we were off to church. Believe it or not, we got there not only on time, but early! We ran some errands and as you see this girls were tired after the long morning and took a little nap in the car. 

Claire and Lillian
We then spent some time playing after Josh had to leave for work.  (Claire and Lillian)
They were such happy girls today! 
They had a little too much fun playing and wore themselves out!

Alright, now it is time to brag! Our girls have always been great at going down for the night and we have been so lucky that they both have been sleeping through the night since they were 11 weeks old. Anywho, these past few nights have been even better! They get their last bottle around 7pm and if they are not dozing off on their own I have been putting them in their cribs by 8. I give them each a kiss and say my good nights. I then pull the hat of a doll they have that plays a lullaby and I walk out of the room. They are both tired, but still fully awake at this point. Yesterday it took about 15 minutes for them both to fall asleep on their own and tonight it took around 5 minutes,  both with almost no fuss.  Oh and don't worry, I just knocked on wood because I know I just jinxed myself.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is going on with us...

Well, what is new with us? Not much new is going around here. The girls are still working on getting used to their rice cereal. Lillian is doing much better with it then Claire. Lillian is really good at swallowing it all down and finishing her full serving. Claire pushes it back out with her tongue when she decides she has no interest in it and only takes about half of her serving. We are going to keep practicing and they will get the hang of it. 
Both the girls still wake up full of smiles and are such a joy all day long. They are such happy girls. They love to giggle, smile and take in the world around them. They are getting even better at rolling over and no longer wake during the night because they get stuck on their belly and can't roll back. 
Here are some new pictures.

Monday picture of Lillian and Claire
Tuesday Claire and Lillian
They love looking at each other and being close.
Lillian trying to hold Claire's hand
Lillian trying to share her doll with Claire. Actually she was trying to  throw it on her.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Time With Rice Cereal

Tonight we tried rice cereal for the first time. I was extremely nervous to try, not knowing how they would do and the mess it would create. Both Lillian and Claire did really well and none of it came back up. They each only had about a tablespoon each and after each bite they gave a look like, "what in the world is this in my mouth?" We will give it another try tomorrow evening and this weekend try it twice a day. Wish me luck!

Claire and Lillian in their big girls chairs.
Lillian was not too excited about that bite.
Claire was not so thrilled either.
Pictures from Tuesday:
Lillian and Claire
Big smiles from Claire and Lillian
I love their little bug butts.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Check Out My Rollers

Lillian and Claire just love holding hands!
Claire and Lillian enjoying some tummy time.

Here is a short video of my two rolling girls. Lillian is on the left and Claire is attacking her from the right. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Look at Our Pretty Earrings!

I have known since I found out we were having identical girls that I wanted to get Lillian and Claire's ears pierced. I know many people are against piercing infants ears or even ears at all until they are old enough to take care of their own earrings, but I don't care so go ahead and judge all you want, but I think my girls look cute. 
This is how things went... Justin and Jessica came to town Friday night and spent all day Saturday with us. Well, Justin and Josh went to see a movie so Jessica and I packed up the kids and went to the mall. After a little bit of shopping I asked Jessica if she would be up to the challenge of helping me get the girls ears pierced and she said she was. Yeah!!! We right away saw Piercing Pagoda and deicded to talk to the lady there. I asked her if she had any experience with infants and how much, she told me she does them all the time and feels confident with them. This made me happy so I asked her to show me the earring choices; I decided on two different shades of pink rhinestones. After filling out a short concent form we started with Lillian. I sat in the chair and Lillian sat on my lap. First their ears were marked to make sure they would be even and in the correct spot on the lobe. Then I had to make sure to hold Lillian's arms down and the first ear was pierced. Lillian began crying and we quickly piereced the other ear and after a minute of hugs and cuddles she was back to her normal happy self, I passed Lillian off to Jessica and scooped up Claire for her turn. We went through the same process and again no problems and after some hugs Claire was also back to smiles. Levi was sitting the stroller and looked up at Jessica, it looked like he was thinking, "please mom, don't make me do this!"

I am so happy with how adorable to girls ears look and Josh is still getting used to them. Here are a few pictures. 

Claire and Lillian