Sunday, May 3, 2009

Look at Our Pretty Earrings!

I have known since I found out we were having identical girls that I wanted to get Lillian and Claire's ears pierced. I know many people are against piercing infants ears or even ears at all until they are old enough to take care of their own earrings, but I don't care so go ahead and judge all you want, but I think my girls look cute. 
This is how things went... Justin and Jessica came to town Friday night and spent all day Saturday with us. Well, Justin and Josh went to see a movie so Jessica and I packed up the kids and went to the mall. After a little bit of shopping I asked Jessica if she would be up to the challenge of helping me get the girls ears pierced and she said she was. Yeah!!! We right away saw Piercing Pagoda and deicded to talk to the lady there. I asked her if she had any experience with infants and how much, she told me she does them all the time and feels confident with them. This made me happy so I asked her to show me the earring choices; I decided on two different shades of pink rhinestones. After filling out a short concent form we started with Lillian. I sat in the chair and Lillian sat on my lap. First their ears were marked to make sure they would be even and in the correct spot on the lobe. Then I had to make sure to hold Lillian's arms down and the first ear was pierced. Lillian began crying and we quickly piereced the other ear and after a minute of hugs and cuddles she was back to her normal happy self, I passed Lillian off to Jessica and scooped up Claire for her turn. We went through the same process and again no problems and after some hugs Claire was also back to smiles. Levi was sitting the stroller and looked up at Jessica, it looked like he was thinking, "please mom, don't make me do this!"

I am so happy with how adorable to girls ears look and Josh is still getting used to them. Here are a few pictures. 

Claire and Lillian

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