Sunday, May 31, 2009

VCUG annd Renal Sonogram

On Friday I received a phone call from our pediatricians office with the results of Lillian's labs. Turns out she does not have a bladder infection like they have been treating her for and instead she has a urinary tract infection (UTI). We have had to change her antibiotics because a UTI is resists the one she was on. Also, they scheduled her from a VCUG and renal sonogram on June 9th. This is a procedure where they will insert an cathider to drain the bladder then fill it with a liquid that will show on an sonogram. They will be looking to see if the fluid moves back into the kidneys for a type of reflux. Apparently this is common for children who have had a UTI. For more information check out this site and I will be sure to update after the test is complete and we have the results. 
Lillian has been acting like herself more and more everyday. She has been full of smiles, laughter and babbling up a storm. 

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