Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is going on with us...

Well, what is new with us? Not much new is going around here. The girls are still working on getting used to their rice cereal. Lillian is doing much better with it then Claire. Lillian is really good at swallowing it all down and finishing her full serving. Claire pushes it back out with her tongue when she decides she has no interest in it and only takes about half of her serving. We are going to keep practicing and they will get the hang of it. 
Both the girls still wake up full of smiles and are such a joy all day long. They are such happy girls. They love to giggle, smile and take in the world around them. They are getting even better at rolling over and no longer wake during the night because they get stuck on their belly and can't roll back. 
Here are some new pictures.

Monday picture of Lillian and Claire
Tuesday Claire and Lillian
They love looking at each other and being close.
Lillian trying to hold Claire's hand
Lillian trying to share her doll with Claire. Actually she was trying to  throw it on her.

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