Monday, June 15, 2009

Fight Night

During the month of June Josh has been working the day shift and it has been wonderful having him home in the evenings with us. It is going to be a hard transition back to not having him here every night once July rolls around. I cannot believe how quickly our baby girls are growing up and how animated they are becoming. They are so full of giggles and smiles and it is so wonderful watching them play together. When Lillian and Claire see each other they both light up and become so happy. They smile at each other and still love holding hands and playing with each other. They are both also getting around all over the place and who knows how they are scooting around. One second they are right where I put them, the next they are half way across the room. Here is a little sample of their time together tonight. Lillian in the solid pink and Claire has the dots.

It all starts with a kiss.
Then a little head chomping.
Of course it goes both ways, it is only fair.
Lillian is ready to submit.
Fight is over and Lillian has a head full of slobber from Claire.

1 comment:

  1. I love the kissing pictures. They will surely be best buds. I am looking at my crystal ball and I see them as college roommates : )

    And by the way, the brown shoes are from Payless! They are from the new "green" shoe line called "Zoe and Zac" They were $17.99 and are so comfy.