Friday, June 5, 2009

Such a Slacker!

Sorry I have been such a slacker lately with my postings, but this past week my evenings have flown by. Both of the girls are doing great with their cereal and soon will be ready to move up to some different foods. Claire is working so hard on sitting up on her own and is getting close. Lillian is trying, but does not really show too much interest in it now; her time will come. Both of them are getting so much better at consistently falling asleep on their own just after their 8 o'clock bed time. We always put them in their cribs by 8 and most mornings they sleep until 6:30 - 7 and it is usually because I have to wake them to get them ready for school. 

Here are a few pictures from today. 

Lillian and Claire
Lillian, Claire and myself

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  1. The picture of the three of you is adorable!!!!