Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a fun weekend.

We had a very busy weekend, but it was a fun one. I think I have done more in this weekend alone then I have in the past month! Once I got out of work on Friday, Josh and I took the girls down for Lee's Summit Downtown Days. It is sort of a street festival of sorts. Then on Saturday the girls and I met my friend Shari and her baby girl, Riley, at the mall for some shopping. After we got home and Josh got home from work we headed over to Maggie's to see Jamie, Heather and the girls since they were in town this weekend. We had a great time visiting and seeing how big Dannika and Kaiden are getting. Today while Josh was at work, I packed up the girls and I met up with a few other moms and their little ones for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Josh got home shortly after we did and it was a nice relaxing afternoon as a family. Here are a few pictures and a video from this weekend.

In order: Heather, Dannika, Jamie, Kaiden, Me, Lillian, Maggie and Claire
Cousins Kaiden, Lillian, Dannika and Claire.
Claire and Lillian fighting over a toy
View from above

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  1. Wow, look at all that play time for your girls. I so enjoyed having the chance to meet them in person! Thanks for coming. I know it's tough at this stage. Maybe even moreso as they get older and more squirmy (case in point, Landon squirming the whole time). I hope to have another GTG soon!