Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bath Fun and More!

On Saturday after a day of shopping we came how and the girls went "swimming" in the tub. It was the first time they have both been in the tub together, so Josh and I filled it with toys and just let them play. They could really have cared less that they were in their together, but they seemed to have a blast with all the splashing and kicking that was going on.

Here are a few other pictures of them playing today. We have been using the Pack n' Plays as barriers to keep them from getting all around the house, but they have been loving pulling up on their knees and hitting them. Lillian is crazy about the zippers.


  1. Oh my gosh! Look at them! I keep looking at the picture over to the side when they were first born. And to see them sitting up in the bath tub is amazing. It goes way too fast.

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