Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh the Craziness!

I really need to get better at posting updates again. Life has just become so crazy lately that I really have not had much time to take pictures and time to update, so here it goes.

Claire two weeks ago came down with a Urinary Tract Infection. Luckily she was not nearly as miserable as Lillian was when she had one several months back. We were able to get her on an antibiotic pretty quickly and she was feeling great. Yesterday Claire had her VCUG and Renal Sonogram at Children's Mercy; everything looked great.
Lillian has had this horrible cough for just about two weeks now as well. When we called the pediatrician last week he told us to try Benedryl because at the time it sounded like possible allergies. After a week of that not working very well and the problem continued we took her for a doctor visit yesterday. He thinks it might be Whooping Cough so I had to take Lillian to Children's Mercy yesterday as well (Josh and Claire were still there) to test for that. We are treating both girls with an antibiotic for Whooping Cough just in case. If it turns out that is what it is, Josh and I will also have to be treated. No fun!

Here are a few pictures from this past week.

On a lighter note, we took the girls on their first trip over to the St. Louis area for their cousin Dannika's first birthday. We had a great time and it was wonderful being able to see everyone again.

I still have not had a chance to take Lillian and Claire's 8 month pictures, I am a bad Mom, oh well. I am really hoping to get those done tomorrow so I can update those.

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  1. Oh no...poor girls!! UTI and then whooping cough! Poor Mommy and Daddy too! Health issues are scary with babies! Big hugs!

    I just love seeing your photos...the girls are growing up so fast!!