Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Crazy Busy Week

Sorry it has been a week since my last post, this has just been a crazy week, but here is a glimpse of it in pictures!

Lots of play time with Leia
They love banging on the tv stand
It was hard work for Lillian and Claire to be so darn cute, oh wait, no it wasn't!
They are getting really good at holding their own bottles.
They have been army crawling like superstars and Claire will not let anything hold her back!
Justin, Jessica and Levi came for a visit.
They have figured out how to get to the front door and they are loving it!
Claire napping with her bottom in the air.
Lillian napping
Lillian sitting like a champ!
Claire mastering sitting up
It ended with some wrestling

To sum it all up, they had lots of play time to practice their crawling and they are getting fast and busy! They are getting really good at holding their own bottles and this will be a huge helper for me once they really get it. Justin, Jessica and Levi came for a visit on Wednesday and Thursday night and we had a great time. We took the kiddos to Paradise Park and the girls loved making a mess of all the toys and exploring all the rooms they had. Can't wait to go back. They have also pretty much mastered sitting up on their own and will sit there unassisted for a long time before they get bored of it and roll themselves down to play and crawl. Oh and most importantly, they have started to babble ma-ma and da-da. Claire tends to say da-da more and Lillian likes to say ma-ma. Is it still a first word if we are not totally sure they know exactly what they are saying?

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  1. I think that is so cute that they have each other to play with. I mean, they each have a "built in" friend to get into trouble with :)

    And the tv stand thing . . . what is it about the darn tv? Landon does that too!