Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not much of an update

This isn't much of an update, but just wanted to share a few videos. In the first one Lillian is cracking me up while being attacked by the penguin. Claire is also showing off her standing skills and how great her balance is. The second video was taken last week at Aunt Maggie's house, oh and thanks for the narration! Both of the girls were laughing so hard watching Cassy outside the door while Maggie knocked. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Escape Artist

Last night was Lillian's turn to try and escape while Claire was the look out. They try so hard, but never make it all the way through. I love how they don't give up though and just keep trying.

Claire was done being the look out and was ready for her turn.

Go Pack Go!

The girls were dressed for game day today! They were a hit at church this morning and at the grocery store, everyone thought they looked so cute, of course this is no news to us! Lillian and Claire were slightly distracted while I was trying to take pictures. I swear as soon as I turn on a football game they stop what they are doing and watch the game. It has the same magical powers as Yo Gabba Gabba.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eating Leaves

Today Josh and I took Lillian and Claire to the park to enjoy the beautiful fall day. I was excited to get some pictures of the girls with the fall leaves, instead we found the one area in town where all the leaves had already fallen off the trees. Oh well. The girls did enjoy eating all the leaves and had fun playing on the playground.

Lillian and Claire



10 Month Pictures

Here are pictures of Lillian and Claire at 10 months old! Lillian was hamming it up big time, Claire on the other hand did not want to cooperate and she made things difficult as you can see below.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 Months!

There isn't too much to update tonight since the camera did not come out at all today and nothing exciting to report. I will try to take their 10 month pictures tomorrow (or Saturday) and get those posted. Until then, here is a picture from last night when we went and had dinner at Aunt Maggie's house. Claire and Lillian thought it was the funniest thing watching the dogs outside. I will have to upload the video of them standing at the door laughing.
By the way, where has the last 10 months gone? Wasn't I just pregnant and bringing them home?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They just keep coming!

Lillian is the proud owner of her third tooth, it is her top right "fang." What is the real name for that tooth anyways? My girls sure are taking after me by growing some fangs before their top front teeth.
Oh, some exciting news... Lillian's bottom is currently rash free! Her poor tush is scarred up from this constant rash, but it is sore free and that is good enough fro me right now.
Here are some pictures from tonight.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Her Poor Bottom!

My sweet Lillian has had the worst rash on her bottom since mid-August and nothing is working for her, just when we think it is getting better it gets ten times worse in less then a day. We have taken her to the doctor a number of times over this and have treated it as many different things, but it just is not clearing up. This breaks a Mama's heart seeing the sores and raw skins on my girls bottom. Today it was to the point as soon as I took her diaper off she was screaming in pain. We put in a call to the doctor again today and they are going into the office tomorrow (Saturday) morning to review her chart and try to dig deeper. I am really hoping that soon we can put an end to this, her poor tush has even been scared from this.
In other news, both of the girls are starting to loose interest in their bottles. They have never gone over 6 ounces per feeding and now are throwing their bottles aside after 4 or 5 ounces. At some feedings they probably wouldn't even notice if we skipped it.
Both of the girls are just so much fun. They are always so full of giggles and energy, there is no slowing them down! Poor Leia has her tail and ears pulled on all day long, but is being so calm with them. They are getting into everything and have absolutely no fear as you can see below. They try to find any way possible to escape the "boundaries" and will climb on anything.

Claire is trying to wiggle her way by squeezing through under the bouncer, looks like Lillian is trying to help her out.
Don't they look completely innocent? Yeah right!
Think they can make it out by climbing between the two bouncers?

I took Lillian back to their room to change her bottom and put her in pjs. I come back and and find Claire standing on top of the bouncers and banging on the table. Others might scoop her up and put her on stable ground right away. Nope, not me, I grab the camera.
Lillian and Claire making a few phone calls to chat.
Lillian: "Look Mom, no hands!"
What a drool monster!
My beautiful girls!

Now on to a video full of giggles and happy babies, it is a bit long, but it makes me happy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Girl Seats!

Josh and I went last week Thursday to buy Lillian and Claire's convertible car seats. We bought the seats that will transition with them all the way into a booster so this is the last car seat we will have to buy and I love that! Saturday they went on their first ride in them and they seemed so happy. They are able to sit up so much more upright and check everything out. Actually, I think I would love to ride in one of their chairs, they feel so comfy!


The fangs are in!

Just a quick tooth update. Claire now has both of her "fangs" so that makes four total for her. Lillian is still holding strong with her two, but at this rate they will both have a full set of teeth in no time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Teeth and Kisses

What an exciting night we had! The girls and I were playing before their last bottle of the night and I decided to feel Lillian's gums since she has been a fountain of drool the past few days. As soon as I rubbed those bottom gums I felt her second tooth right next to her first on the bottom. Then I thought, might as well feel Claire's gums since she has also been a drool fountain, sure enough she has her third tooth coming through as a fang up top! We are so lucky that with all five teeth so far there has not been any extreme fussiness, fevers or anything else (don't worry, I just knocked on wood), hopefully this luck will stay with us. Ok, I know, not really the best picture of Claire, but you can see the drool streaming down her chin and you can also see it on Lillian.

Also this evening Lillian and Claire played some serious kissy face with each other and myself. Lillian crawled up on me and gave be the biggest and sloppiest kisses over and over again, I love it! Here is a fun little sequence of photos of Lillian and Claire.

Busy Babies!

Lillian and Claire have been walking along all the furniture for well over a month now and they are now letting go all the time, so we thought it was time for a fun walking toy. Thank to Grandma Pattie the girls have an early Christmas gift, the fabulous Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Walker, I love it and so do the girls. Now we just have to get them some dolls to push along.
Do you notice how Claire is both pushing the stroller along and carrying that silly penguin around by the hair?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Photos

We took Lillian and Claire yesterday to get some photos taken of them in their Halloween "costumes." We got exactly the two shots as you can see below. Claire had more fun crawling all around the studio, Lillian was getting tired and hungry and only wanted to be held. I made their costumes, Lillian's shirt says, "mmm," and Claire's says, "brains." They are our little zombie babies.