Friday, October 9, 2009

Teeth and Kisses

What an exciting night we had! The girls and I were playing before their last bottle of the night and I decided to feel Lillian's gums since she has been a fountain of drool the past few days. As soon as I rubbed those bottom gums I felt her second tooth right next to her first on the bottom. Then I thought, might as well feel Claire's gums since she has also been a drool fountain, sure enough she has her third tooth coming through as a fang up top! We are so lucky that with all five teeth so far there has not been any extreme fussiness, fevers or anything else (don't worry, I just knocked on wood), hopefully this luck will stay with us. Ok, I know, not really the best picture of Claire, but you can see the drool streaming down her chin and you can also see it on Lillian.

Also this evening Lillian and Claire played some serious kissy face with each other and myself. Lillian crawled up on me and gave be the biggest and sloppiest kisses over and over again, I love it! Here is a fun little sequence of photos of Lillian and Claire.

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