Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun with Cousins

This year we hosted Thanksgiving at our home for the Ward side of the family. As usual it got loud, hectic, and crazy, but it was also wonderful having everyone together. It was a lot of fun being able to watch all the little ones playing and interacting together, I can only imagine the chaos it will be next year and in the years after. Oh and we had a great time cheering on the Packers and watching them beat those Lions! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11 Months

So, I feel like a complete fool because the 22nd had come and gone without me even realizing it, with that the girls turned 11 months without me realizing it. Oops. I tried taking the usually monthly pictures but as you can see below it is very difficult to get one to sit still for a decent shot, much less two at this point. This is what I was able to get, so these are what you get. :-)



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun in the Playroom!

The girls have been loving being able to play without boundaries in their new playroom. They have so much space to play, crawl and walk. Lillian is starting to take more steps now and I don't think it will be long until she is taking off all over the place. They love going in and out between the chairs and wiggling into every small space they can find. The first thing they do once they get downstairs is pull all the toy bins off the shelf and dump them all over the floor. I think we need to get them some blocks, they will like building so knock over.

Here is Claire just happy as can be!
They both are always picking up the bins and throwing them around.
About to join her partner in crime.
Time to attack Dad!
Claire loves the ball popper!
This is their new pony. Claire has already masters how to swing her leg over it to get on and off and Lillian just pushes it all over the room, but she does not like to sit on it.

Pudding anyone?

Tonight after dinner Josh and I decided to give the girls their first taste of pudding and as you can see they LOVED it! It sure did make a mess, but when you have two baby girls that look this happy and are trying something new it is so worth it. Of course following this they went straight to the tub where the fun continued.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A LONG overdue update.

Once again I am being a bad blogger mommy by not updating like I should. Here are some pictures and a video to catch everyone up on the past week. First, not baby related I have some news to share about myself. Last week Wednesday it was announced at work that they are closing the child care center where I work. November 24th is the last day we will be open, which means I will be out of work. I will enjoy having some extra time with the girls while I am job searching, but hopefully it won't be too long until I can find something that makes me happy.

Alright on to the important stuff, Lillian and Claire. They have been busy having fun and developing. Claire is doing GREAT with her walking and is getting all over the place. Each day you can see she is becoming more and more comfortable with it and nothing is slowing her down, well, maybe Lillian when she knocks her over. :-) Claire also popped a new tooth Monday night, she now has her top front right tooth. I have a feeling there is another on the way for her and Lillian I am pretty sure is working on another.

Lillian is starting to develop an interest in walking. A few days ago she would only take one or two steps and enjoyed watching Claire walk all over the place, but tonight she was taking 4 or 5 steps before falling down. She will "run" all over the place while holding onto someone or pushing their little stroller thing, but she has not yet built up all the confidence in walking on her own and feeling comfortable doing it. I think by Thanksgiving she will be on her way.

Both of the girls love being able to feed themselves. They do not like being spoon fed anymore and will let you know. Once you put food on their trays they gobble it up in no time, they certainly are not shy about eating. There has not really been anything they do not care for. They love all their fruits and vegetables, they love all kinds of meat, but pasta in any form is by far their favorite.

As of this morning the girls are now playing in their new playroom. We cleaned up the basement family room, painted it, put in some new shelves and the girls love it! They seem to really enjoy the freedom of being able to roam without boundaries and they have more then double the amount of space to play they have had before. The room is not yet complete, but they don't mind.

This is their newest toy and the love it! The air pops the balls up into the air (as you can see the purple one is on it's way up) and then they cycle back through. Both girls will sit there laughing and clapping for the longest time watching the balls. Claire likes to chase after them and always needs one for each hand, but she tries to figure out how to get a third.

Lillian is just as amused by the plastic container as she is by the ball popper.
A shot of the playroom. There is a lot of room to grow and add more toys and books. The pictures on the wall are framed paintings both the girls have done. I currently have eight frames around the room and I will continue to switch out the artwork as they grow.
They love reading books before bed. Goodnight Moon is by far their favorite!
Grandma Pattie bought these teething toys for the girls last weekend. Claire does not like to share with Lillian and is always taking it away from her.
Aunt Maggie made some special spaghetti for us. Claire and Lillian both enjoyed painting themselves with the sauce while eating. It was for sure a mess, but they loved it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Trip to Middleofnowhere, KS

This weekend we took Lillian and Claire to visit our good friends Justin and Jessica and their sweet son, Levi. It was great being able to just get away for the weekend and was so catching up with dear friends.

Levi was giving hugs, this is him and Claire.
Enjoying a little lunch.
Lillian was loving the Slinky!
Claire was showing off her skills.
Lillian wanting so bad to dig in Jessica's music.

We stopped on the way home to give the girls a bottle and let them crawl around in the grass to stretch their legs. Claire was not a big fan of the grass, but Lillian was all over the place.