Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun in the Playroom!

The girls have been loving being able to play without boundaries in their new playroom. They have so much space to play, crawl and walk. Lillian is starting to take more steps now and I don't think it will be long until she is taking off all over the place. They love going in and out between the chairs and wiggling into every small space they can find. The first thing they do once they get downstairs is pull all the toy bins off the shelf and dump them all over the floor. I think we need to get them some blocks, they will like building so knock over.

Here is Claire just happy as can be!
They both are always picking up the bins and throwing them around.
About to join her partner in crime.
Time to attack Dad!
Claire loves the ball popper!
This is their new pony. Claire has already masters how to swing her leg over it to get on and off and Lillian just pushes it all over the room, but she does not like to sit on it.

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  1. It looks like they love the playroom! Their hair is so is super cute!