Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Post From the Road

Sorry there are no pictures to share, but just wanted to add a little update while are are still traveling. First off, way to go Packers! I was lucky enough to go to the game today and watch them beat the Seahawks with a 48-10 victory, what a great win for my first game!! Alright, on to the girls. We had a wonderful birthday celebration with cake and gifts at my Mom's house Wednesday night, they smashed the cake between their fingers and ran it through their hair before eating it all up. We were blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my amazing family. Lillian and Claire were a little timid at first being in new places and seeing so many unfamiliar faces, but after a little exploring they warmed right up. I bought snowsuits for the girls and we bundled them up and took them outside to "play" in the snow. Lillian had no interest and was ready to go back inside right away. Claire loved having Grandpa pull her around in the sled and crawling around in the snow. They certainly are missing their beds though. Claire got sick last night, she didn't have a fever or anything, but there was a lot of vomiting. She got a great nights sleep and that helped, but wasn't feeling 100% back to her normal self, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Josh also got sick last night, not sure what it is, but again no fever, he is also feeling better tonight. Tonight is our last night in Wisconsin and we will be heading to Minnesota tomorrow afternoon to see some dear friends and many of them will meet the girls for the first time. I can't wait! We will be driving back home on Thursday and hopefully soon after that I will be able to get some pictures uploaded from our travels. Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. I'm glad things are going so well!! Can't wait to see photos!