Sunday, January 24, 2010

13 Months

This is a few days late, but on Friday (22nd) Lillian and Claire turned 13 months. They have both been walking for awhile now and are doing great with it! They are starting to pick up the pace, but sometimes their legs just don't move as fast as their top half does and they topple over. Today was their official first day in the toddler room at church. It was sad walking in there and seeing how big some of those little ones are and knowing this is where they now belong, my babies are growing too fast! They seemed to have fun in there, they get a snack at church now, and the teachers said they did great and kept up with the others.

A few other things going on in our house now...
*Lillian is starting to blow kisses and it is the cutest thing.
*Claire gives the best kisses and is even starting, but not always close her mouth when she does this.
*Lillian is all about cuddling. She will cuddle with anyone willing and wants to be held a lot more often, especially when she is getting tired.
*They are both mimicking a lot of the sounds we are making, hopefully they will start saying some words soon.
*We have our own version of the staring game. They will lock eye contact and try their hardest not to smile and then when they are done will give you the best and biggest toothy grin possible.
*Claire's daily goal is to get the rubber bands out of her hair, so her hair is usually a complete mess. Once she gets her bands out she will go after her sisters.

There is so much more going on, it is so hard to think of it all right now and try to say new things that I have not already posted about.

Tonight I was playing with the girls on the floor and they were playing with an empty laundry basket. They had it tipped on the side and both were putting there head in the basket looking up at me through the holes. Looking down at them it struck me once again how amazing these two girls are. I know I am very blessed to have them in my life and I feel that every day, but every once and a while I am just amazing when I see them. There are still times when I see them and find it amazing that I carried TWO babies for 9 months and that these TWO babies are mine! They are my sunshine on all these cloudy days we have had down here.

Lillian and Claire

This is a video from tonight of my two crazy girls while getting ready for bed. This is what happens just about every time they are in their cribs.


  1. Oh my gosh, they are just too cute! They are best friends, for sure! Kudos on the blowing kisses thing. I have been trying to teach Landon that skill for awhile but he's just not getting it! And I still get the open mouth slobbery kisses every time ;)

  2. That picture of Claire with her piggies and bright smile is heartwarming!! Lillian looks like she is ready with the "cheese" pose in that first photo!

    I love those amazing moments you wrote about...the ones that take your breath away when you realize...this is my life...and I wouldn't trade it for anything!