Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Our Party...

Today we finally had Lillian and Claire's birthday party, it is a few weeks late, but you try having a birthday party the weekend before Christmas. We had many friends and family members there to help us celebrate and as far as I could tell, everyone had a good time. I felt stressed and like it was complete chaos, but that is how I usually feel when hosting an event. We held the girls birthday party at Godfather's Pizza and that was the best idea! I didn't have to do any cleaning or cooking, just show up and throw together a few decorations and call it a day. We had delicious cake made by a co-worker of Josh's and yummy pizza. Thank you again for everyone who was able to attend.


  1. Oh, I just love those cupcake cakes! I felt the same way (stressed and chaotic) about Landon's party. You just want everything to be perfect! You don't get to do it over! Can you believe they are now on their way to 2!!!

  2. Ditto the giant cupcakes! Adorable! My sis often has my nieces' bday parties at a kid friendly restaurant-so much easier!