Saturday, April 24, 2010

16 Months

Another month has passed and Lillian and Claire are now 16 months old. This is unreal how fast each month passes. Life is busy in our house with two little girls who are wanting to become very independent. Claire refuses anything in her hair for any length of time now, so she is always a mess with hair in her face. Lillian has also started to play hard to get and fighting getting her hair done.
They are trying so hard to to move as fast as they can, but in return they are falling a lot more then usual and getting many more bumps and bruises. They both have 11 (or so) teeth now. It is hard to tell for sure since the second you put a finger in their mouth to feel for them, they chomp down on your finger.
One of the best parts of them getting a little older is that they are now more consistently sleeping until 8:30 instead of 8 and some mornings even later. Don't worry, I just knocked on wood. Most days now they are also only taking one nap, which usually lasts close to 3 hours in the afternoon.
They both crack me up though. Lillian has this goofy fake laugh which she will sit there and do over anything or she will scrunch her face up and give a great big smile. Claire is dancing so much more now and gets so excited when she does. They have figured out how to climb onto the couch, but that usually only happens when Josh or I are also up there, this I am not excited for.
They love Leia. They love giving her "soft touches" but sometimes forget and it becomes more of a hitting. They are always so happy to see her and love to cuddle with her. We are lucky Leia is very patient with both girls and handles the abuse well.
As you can see by the pictures below, they have no interest in sitting still and/or getting their picture taken. I have very few pictures lately of them actually looking towards me with a smile. They sat about a whole two seconds for this first picture, before they were up and away.

Claire was not very pleased with me for trying to get her to sit still.
Lillian really had little interest in listening to me as usual.

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