Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Great Weekend!

Josh was off work, the weather was perfect and to top it off, Justin, Jessica and Levi came to visit; it was a great weekend. This weekend was also the Double Joy Moms of Multiples garage/consignment sale. I spent Friday morning helping to set up the sale and Saturday afternoon taking everything down. I found some great skirts, shorts and pants for the girls in a 2T, but nothing in their current size. I did have great success with selling some of our items there. I went to the sale with for large Rubbermaid bins of clothes and came back with only two, I also sold our Bumbo chairs and one of our Boppy pillows. Other items that went are the exasaucer, monitors, a bunch of shoes and of course tons of the hair clips I have been making.

After I got home from the sale Saturday afternoon, Josh and I packed up the girls, Justin and Jessica packed up Levi and we headed to the park, I obviously forgot the camera and didn't take many pictures this weekend. The park was very busy and I found it irritating that there were some bigger kids playing on the toddler equipment and the parents just stood there and watched as they were being a bit wild around all the little ones. Claire was a little daredevil. She was loving the swings once again, took off roaming and checking out the entire playground area, chatted with people and loved going down the slide. Lillian was more of an observer. She did however start to enjoy the swing this visit, but only when it had slow pushes and didn't go very high. She didn't wander very far from Josh or myself, but did have a few laughs and big smiles while going down the slide.

After the park we all headed over to Red Robin (yummm) for dinner. They had someone dressed up as Robin (the mascot thingy) and walking around the restaurant to entertain the kids. Lillian and Claire could not take their eyes off of him and thought he was just so funny. They ate all of their dinner and even shared with Josh and I a chocolate milk shake.

As an end to the weekend, I painted the girls toe nails tonight. They sat on my lap while I painted and I think were too confused of what I was doing to wiggle around. I will admit that it is not the best paint job, but they sure do look cute.

I think it was easier to pain their toe nails then to take a picture, they did not want to stand still. Can you guess whose toes are whose?

A video taken by Josh while I was gone Saturday.

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