Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playing Outside

This evening I took the girls in the backyard after dinner. They are warming up to walking in the grass, but the unstable ground makes for unstable girls. Lillian is getting much better though and is loving "running" through the grass, she tends to fall every 5 or 6 steps because of a divot in the ground, but gets back up and keeps going. Claire was still a little unsure when we first went out, but she was trying to fight me on going inside, so I think will take off tomorrow.
Leia of course came out with us as well. Both girls laughed so hard when I would throw the ball for Leia and she would go running after it. Lillian tried running with her, but couldn't quite keep up. We had the neighbor boy come over and mow the lawn yesterday, he found about 6 tennis balls throughout the yard while mowing. Lillian was going after all the balls but as soon as she was about to pick one up, Leia ran over and got it first.
I am so excited to watch both girls develop more confidence running through the grass. I also cannot wait to find a climber and slide for them to play with in our yard. This will be a fun summer for everyone!

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