Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exploring the Yard

This picture is just too cute (so is the story) not to share. I was cooking dinner the other night and while I was doing that, I turned on Yo Gabba Gabba for the girls; that usually keeps them occupied long enough to dinner going. Well, when I started the episode they were standing close to the television. I, of course, kept peaking in on them to make sure they were doing alright and they never left that spot. Well, I checked again and they were not where they had been, instead they both sat down on the floor with their balls in their lap like a train. They looked adorable!

These are their new balls that they received as a gift from my friends Jennie and Jeremy. Jennie and Jeremy were passing through town on their way from Minnesota to Lake of the Ozarks here in Missouri, so they stayed Wednesday night with us. Thursday morning, Jeremy ran out to get gas and then ran to Walmart for a few things, he came back with these balls. The girls love them! They are constantly playing with them and thank goodness he bought two otherwise I would have been making a trip to buy a second because they do not want to share and need one of their own. Thanks again guys!

Later on Thursday we went outside to play. We have been going outside every day it has not been raining and luckily we have had much better weather this week then last. Both girls love running all over the yard, running behind the giant pine tree, and going around to all the fences to see what is going on. To add to the excitement I finally put together their picnic table last week and they love it! They especially like being able to sit right next to each other. Lillian has been climbing on top of the table, she will then lay down and say, "nigh nigh" with a big smile on her face. She is so proud.

They are both getting so good at hitting the ball off the tee and will cheer for each other when they take turns. It is so stinkin cute!
Lillian heard the ice cream truck coming down the street and ran over to the fence. She was even dancing to the music. Sadly, the ice cream trucks around here are scary and the drivers are even worse.
Claire was so curious with the bubble machine. She was waiting for them to come out and seemed to be enjoying the fan motor blowing on her while she waited.
Lillian discovered the rose bush in the yard and is enjoying smelling the flowers then pulling them off the plant. She has been poked by the thorns, but it doesn't stop her.

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  1. The ice cream trucks and drivers are scary around here too!