Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Word Explosion

The past two weeks the girls have had a word explosion. It is so amazing to hear them say new words and hearing them mimic so many others they hear us say. The other night while taking a bath I made a great big smile while saying "cheese," both girls thought it was the funniest thing and laughed so hard. Next thing I hear is "deeees" with giant goofy grins. They crack me up!
Claire was sitting on my lap last night and I was going through all of her words and more with her. She was so proud of what she was able to say and tried so hard with so many more.

Oh and one more seriously adorable new trick they do... fishy faces. When we were on vacation last week, Claire woke up early one morning so I brought her into bed with us while Lillian still slept. On the headboard of the bed there was a fish sculpture type thing. Of course she pointed to it and said, "dat?" I told her it was a fish and made a fish face. I asked if her she could make one too and now both Claire and Lillian make the cutest fishy faces I have ever seen. I have been trying to get a video of it, but of course when the camera is out they don't cooperate.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Boxes of Fun

Lillian and Claire lately have been obsessed with their empty diaper boxes. They found them in their room the other night, pushed them into the living room where they started to collect their toys. After all their toys were picked up off the floor and put in their boxes they pushed them up and down the hall, all around the living room, then back again. It doesn't seem to get old for them. Occasionally they climb inside of the boxes and relax for a bit. However, they are starting to get too big and they end up wedging themselves in there and get stuck. This then results in some screaming as they trying to wiggle their way out and pleading for help. Another use they found for their boxes is snack storage. I gave the girls graham crackers for snack, they took a few bites, put it in their box then pushed around for a bit, took a break for another bite, back in the box then more pushing. I think that was the longest it ever took them to eat a single graham cracker.

I have some really cute videos, but of course they will not upload correctly.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lake of the Ozarks

This past week we spent several days down in the Ozarks on a Ward family trip. We stayed at Big Cedar Wilderness Lodge in a beautiful cabin with breath taking views. This was my first time in that part of the state and had no idea what to expect, but I loved it. The only thing that would have made it better was the temperature not being in the upper 90's the whole time there. Here are a few pictures of the cabin we stayed in with Maggie and Baris.

This is our room. There are beautiful vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, king sized bed, full bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.

Here is a not very good view of the living room. Out the double doors was a large deck which the girls loved running around on. I am sure the fire place would be nice and cozy on a cold winter day. Our room was on the left and Maggie and Baris stayed on the right. The windows above are again stained glass.
The kitchen and dining area along with the front door. As you can see there are mounted animals all over the cabin, fish, raccoon, deer, and pheasant, the girls were very interested in all the animals. There are more stained glass in the vaulted ceiling peak.
Here is the view from our back deck. Beautiful! The girls climbed right up into the rocking chairs.
They also learned how to climbing onto the dining chairs and loved being up there. Luckily they did not attempt to climb onto the table.

There were lots of fights over cousin Dannika's Magna Doodle, everyone wanted a turn.
They sat like big girls in their booster seats and ate off their plates at the table. I was shocked at how little ended up on the floor.

All four little ones enjoyed a pancake breakfast together. (Claire, Lillian, Kaiden, Dannika)
We took the girls down the lazy river and then took them to the inside pool since it was getting to be so hot in the sun. They have beautiful outside pools and even a shallow kiddie pool, but it was so warm that we couldn't spend too much time out in the heat and sun with the girls. However, after they girls were down for their nap with Aunt Maggie, Josh and I took several more laps around the lazy river. When we win the lottery and buy a mansion, I will put one in our backyard. :-)
They both loved splashing and kicking around. Claire kept putting her face in the water and laughing. Lillian held tight, but loved the water.
After a nap they were ready to play!
Uncle Jeremy found a turtle in the middle of the road, so he brought it into the cabin and all the little ones loved it! They chased it around the cabin, kept pointing at it, got down on its level, but never touched it.
After dinner, Grandma gave everyone ice cream cones and they were a big hit.

It was wonderful having the family together again, but our few days together went too fast. Hopefully this is something we will continue to do each summer and have it be a tradition everyone will look forward to.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daredevil Claire

Over the weekend Lillian and Claire learned another new trick; how to sit/stand on the back of the couch. They have always loved standing on the couch and looking out the window at the neighborhood, so when they figured out they can climb all the way up there, they were very excited. Sunday evening I was getting dinner together and left them in the living room to play. This is nothing new, it is our routine every night and the same happens at breakfast and lunch time.

I was in the kitchen cooking and I hear this whimpering. My first thought is that someone is getting their hair pulled or toy taken away, but I look through the doorway and I find Claire wedged between the couch and the wall. I am now out of the running for Mother of the Year, because I quickly grabbed the camera and started taking pictures. It's alright, she wasn't crying in pain and she certainly was not hanging by her head there, her belly was what got her stuck. Lillian just stood there observing the scene and kept a close eye on Claire.
However, what does Claire do as soon as I pull her out from behind the couch? She climbs right back up and perches herself in front of the window again. One day she will learn.

They can be so sweet

The girls can be so sweet with each other... when they feel like it. For their birthday, Lillian and Claire received twin Cabbage Patch Dolls (who are also identical) and they love their babies. Yesterday Claire was walking around cuddling her baby with lots of hugs and sharing her baby with me. Lillian decided she wanted a baby too but it had to be the one Claire had. She kept trying to pull the doll away and push Claire. I reminded Lillian that her baby is in the toy box and she can go get that one. Her response, "no!" The sweet sister Claire can be, walked over to the toy box with her baby in her arms, dug through the toys and pulled out the other baby. She walked with both dolls back to Lillian and gave her one and they both were happy.
They sure can be sweet.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day and I have been lucky enough to marry an amazing man who also happens to be the most amazing father. I always knew Josh would be a great Dad when the time came for us, but after the birth of Lillian and Claire he fell naturally right into fatherhood.
He was never afraid to change a diaper, pick a nose, get slobbered and drooled on. He gets down on the floor and rolls around. Josh dances, sings and does whatever goofy thing necessary to get belly laughs from our beautiful girls.
If one of them is sick, he will get up in the middle of the night to give some extra cuddles, so I can sleep. After I leave for work in the mornings, he is the one who gets to spend the mornings with Claire and Lillian. He gets the dressed (most days), cooks them breakfast and lunch, fixes their hair and even takes occasional outings with them to the grocery store. Now, as many of you know, taking one child into a store of any kind can be challenging, but taking two toddlers can be quite the task.
I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this life to share with him and I feel blessed every day we have together. Thank you for being such an amazing husband and father.

Now, a post about Father's Day would not be complete unless I said something about my own Dad. First I just need to say, that Dad, I love you so much and thank you for everything you have ever done for me.
Growing up and still now, I have always felt a special bond with my Dad. I think a lot of that has to do with us sharing a birthday, but he has also always been willing go go that extra mile for the three of us. Over the years we have gone through our ups and downs as a family, but through his love and commitment to us, we have all come out on top and very happy in life. My Dad is an amazing man and I hate that I do not get to see him as often as I would life. It breaks my heart that he has to watch Lillian and Claire grow up mostly through pictures, but that time we do get together means the world to me.
Thank you Dad for all the love and support you have shown my growing up and continue to give me each and every day. I love you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hand Foot and Mouth

Last week Wednesday Claire started to run a fever and the 103 temp didn't go down with medicine. After I got home from work on Thursday, Josh took her into the pediatrician's office during their urgent care hours. They looked in her throat and saw she had sores back there and suspected Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Just to be sure though they ran a strep test and wanted to narrow it down just to be certain. Well, she did have HFM and sadly the only fix they can prescribe was popsicles and lots of them. Since it was doctor orders we followed and we had two very happy girls. They did warn us that chances were pretty good that Lillian would catch it so be ready. By Friday Claire was feeling so much better. She was finally eating and sleeping at night. Saturday I had my Claire Bear back. Then Sunday hit and poor Lillian also got hit with HFM. Luckily, she did not have it nearly as bad because she was still able to sleep just fine, but she had no desire to eat anything; I don't blame her. Monday she wasn't feeling 100% yet, but by Tuesday Lillian was all smiles again. Today both girls have been so happy and full of giggles and smiles.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

The two girls are just about the sweetest girls ever, well, when they want to be. This afternoon while we were playing, both Lillian and Claire puckered up their lips, said "mmmmmmm," and kept kissing each other. I love it that we have to make the sound in order to kiss. Of course, the love usually comes right before or right after they are pushing each other or have the other in a choke hold, but at least there is love.

In the next few pictures, Lillian was stand on her chair she had pushed over and they were both jump and laughing and having so much fun. Again there was kissing mixed in with all the laughing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Dentist Appointment

On Wednesday, Josh and I took the girls for their first dentist appointment and it wasn't a complete disaster. It all started with us walking in the door and all the reception ladies were again oogling over how cute the girls are. (I took them with me to my appointment last month when I had a check up) After filling out all the new patient information for both of them we went back. Josh and Lillian sat in the chair together while Claire and I sat on a stool and we all watch Clifford on the monitor. Jessica, our dental hygienist, gave up a quick run down of what to expect, but to also not expect too much cooperation from the girls, and then Dr. Suchman came over. Josh sat sideways in the chair with Lillian laying in his lap, but her head resting in Dr. Suchman's lap, she was able to get a quick peek at her teeth. Lillian was not a happy camper, but she did great. Jessica then gave Lillian a fluoride treatment before Josh and Lillian went out to the playroom.
Next it was Claire's turn. We did the same thing, sit sideways with Claire's head in Dr. Suchman's lap. She checked teeth and that it. Claire also received a fluoride treatment and was not happy though the whole thing, but there was no biting, so we will call it a success.
Both of their teeth look great, no signs of cavities or anything else else. They both have a low frenum (the skin above their upper teeth) and we will keep an eye on that, but they tend to break on little kids when they fall and it isn't an issue. If the frenum stays put they will continue to have the gap between their front teeth, but if it shortens the gap can close.
Before leaving they each were given fun Forth of July beach balls and new toothbrushes. We scheduled another appointment in 6 months, crazy to think that at their next appointment they will be days away from turning 2! Unreal!

Now a few pictures. I am not sure when the first one is so blurry, but here is Josh and Lillian relaxing and watching Clifford.
Josh did not want to participate in the picture taking at the dentist office, but he took one and this is the result, Claire with her eyes closed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grandpa Came to Visit!

Last weekend my dad came down to Kansas City with a bunch of friends on a Harley road trip to get their fill of barbecue. Well, Saturday afternoon and evening he ditched them and come to spend that time with us. They girls squeezed me tight as he was pulling into the driveway on the loud motorcycle, but once it shut off they girls were so happy to see him. We met up with Josh for dinner at The Filling Station since he was working and there wouldn't be a long wait. After dinner, Dad and I walked up the block with the girls to Poppy's for their first vanilla baby cone, which they loved of course. We then headed back home and enjoyed the perfect evening playing outside. After a bath, we relaxed and the girls had grandpa read to them.

It was wondering seeing my dad, even if it were only a few hours, but no matter how much time we get, it is never easy having to say goodbye again. Love you and miss you tons!

Pool Party

On Memorial Day went spent the morning outside playing in the water. The weather was very hot and sticky so bringing out the pool and sprinkler seemed like the perfect way to spend the day. Claire went straight into the pool and started splashing around right away. Lillian tested the water but was not too interested until the sun warmed it a bit, she was more interested in chasing Leia around the yard. Leia loved the pool because it was a big water bowl for her. I think we are going to have to buy a larger pool for this summer, it was the perfect size for two babies just learning to sit up last year, but this year they are a little squished. The new sprinkler was a blast! It is a giant beach ball, which was a lot of work to blow up, with tubes running thought it so when you hook up the hose the water sprays out. Claire had no fear of the the spraying water. She walked right up to it and stood right in the line of the water and pushed the ball around while laughing. Lillian, on the other hand, scrunched her nose up and took off running as soon as a drop of water hit her. As the summer continues we will only have more fun.