Monday, June 28, 2010

Boxes of Fun

Lillian and Claire lately have been obsessed with their empty diaper boxes. They found them in their room the other night, pushed them into the living room where they started to collect their toys. After all their toys were picked up off the floor and put in their boxes they pushed them up and down the hall, all around the living room, then back again. It doesn't seem to get old for them. Occasionally they climb inside of the boxes and relax for a bit. However, they are starting to get too big and they end up wedging themselves in there and get stuck. This then results in some screaming as they trying to wiggle their way out and pleading for help. Another use they found for their boxes is snack storage. I gave the girls graham crackers for snack, they took a few bites, put it in their box then pushed around for a bit, took a break for another bite, back in the box then more pushing. I think that was the longest it ever took them to eat a single graham cracker.

I have some really cute videos, but of course they will not upload correctly.

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