Friday, June 11, 2010

First Dentist Appointment

On Wednesday, Josh and I took the girls for their first dentist appointment and it wasn't a complete disaster. It all started with us walking in the door and all the reception ladies were again oogling over how cute the girls are. (I took them with me to my appointment last month when I had a check up) After filling out all the new patient information for both of them we went back. Josh and Lillian sat in the chair together while Claire and I sat on a stool and we all watch Clifford on the monitor. Jessica, our dental hygienist, gave up a quick run down of what to expect, but to also not expect too much cooperation from the girls, and then Dr. Suchman came over. Josh sat sideways in the chair with Lillian laying in his lap, but her head resting in Dr. Suchman's lap, she was able to get a quick peek at her teeth. Lillian was not a happy camper, but she did great. Jessica then gave Lillian a fluoride treatment before Josh and Lillian went out to the playroom.
Next it was Claire's turn. We did the same thing, sit sideways with Claire's head in Dr. Suchman's lap. She checked teeth and that it. Claire also received a fluoride treatment and was not happy though the whole thing, but there was no biting, so we will call it a success.
Both of their teeth look great, no signs of cavities or anything else else. They both have a low frenum (the skin above their upper teeth) and we will keep an eye on that, but they tend to break on little kids when they fall and it isn't an issue. If the frenum stays put they will continue to have the gap between their front teeth, but if it shortens the gap can close.
Before leaving they each were given fun Forth of July beach balls and new toothbrushes. We scheduled another appointment in 6 months, crazy to think that at their next appointment they will be days away from turning 2! Unreal!

Now a few pictures. I am not sure when the first one is so blurry, but here is Josh and Lillian relaxing and watching Clifford.
Josh did not want to participate in the picture taking at the dentist office, but he took one and this is the result, Claire with her eyes closed.

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