Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grandpa Came to Visit!

Last weekend my dad came down to Kansas City with a bunch of friends on a Harley road trip to get their fill of barbecue. Well, Saturday afternoon and evening he ditched them and come to spend that time with us. They girls squeezed me tight as he was pulling into the driveway on the loud motorcycle, but once it shut off they girls were so happy to see him. We met up with Josh for dinner at The Filling Station since he was working and there wouldn't be a long wait. After dinner, Dad and I walked up the block with the girls to Poppy's for their first vanilla baby cone, which they loved of course. We then headed back home and enjoyed the perfect evening playing outside. After a bath, we relaxed and the girls had grandpa read to them.

It was wondering seeing my dad, even if it were only a few hours, but no matter how much time we get, it is never easy having to say goodbye again. Love you and miss you tons!

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  1. So much fun to be able to spend time with their Grandpa!