Friday, July 2, 2010

Freeze Pops

What is better then a freeze pop on a hot day? Nothing really. Every few days or so after dinner I will cut one freeze pop in half and give a half to Lillian and Claire. So far the only flavor they have not enjoyed is the green ones, but I don't blame them. They are so funny to see how differently they eat them. Lillian tends to squeeze the whole pop out of the plastic wrapper, watch any remaining juice drip all over her tray and then put large chunks of the pop in her mouth and let it melt. Claire on the other hand takes big bites of the pop while still in the plastic and uses her teeth to help drag it out of the opening. She does this until she can no longer bite it. Once she hits that point she will hold her pop out to us to have us help her push the remaining up to the top. Oh and she chews the chunks and eats very quickly.

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