Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reclaiming the Livingroom

While the girls were napping on Sunday, I decided it was time to get my living room back. I got ride of a baby gate, put the coffee table back where it belongs and unloaded a few toys to the playroom. I now love walking into the living room and have it look more like a grown up space shared with kids, then a kids spaced shared with grown ups.
In doing this transformation, I have also taken some of their books down off the shelf and have them down lower where they can read them throughout the day. I had them up high before because they were constantly chewing in the cardboard pages and destroying them. Now the books are getting worn out from being read 20 times a day. The hardly touch any of their toys anymore because they are wanting to read their books. I think it is time to go shopping for some new ones so I don't have to read "Eight Silly Monkey's" 5 times in twenty minutes. Although, it is cute watching the girls shaking their finger and saying "no, no" when mama calls the doctor.

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