Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time Outs

I have one little girl who tends to spend more time in time out then the other, can you guess who that is? My little daredevil Claire seems to get herself into trouble often while Lillian just sits back and watches her. Let me start by saying we do not give time outs for every little thing, just for actions that hurt others or can put themselves in danger, for example dancing on the coffee table and standing on the back of the couch.
Josh and I have both been trying to be very consistent with this and I think Claire is starting to get the hint. The novelty of climbing on the coffee table and dancing around seems to have worn off a bit and I hope it stays that way. However, Claire still enjoys checking out the neighborhood from the back of the couch and too many times she has fallen between the couch and the wall or fallen backwards we have decided to try and put a complete stop to it.
When we see Claire (or Lillian) up there we will give her two warnings before taking her to the time out stop; they sit on the floor against the wall in the hallway. Usually after a time out they will not climb back on the couch for around 30 minutes, if they get on the back of the couch again they do not get the same warnings. We will say, "Claire please come down or you will go to time out." If she does not come down off she goes. The second time out usually does not go as well as the first, there is a lot more fussing and fighting to get away, but we make her sit for 30 seconds. When those 30 seconds are up we remind her why she is in a time out and why it is not safe, we give hugs, kisses and say "I love you."
I am hoping if we continue to be consist with the time outs, the girls will stop their actions once we mention them. I know it will take time, but we will get there.

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