Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tumble and Fall

In the afternoons after the girls wake up from their nap, most days we walk up the block holding hands to get our mail. Yesterday we went out for our walk and the girls stood on the circle (sewer cover) while I got the mail out of our box. I had an arm full since it has been a couple days since we checked it, so I tucked it all under my arm and we held hands walking back home.

Once we crossed the street and arrived to our driveway, I let go of their hands and they ran up to the flower beds in the front of the house and were smelling the flowers and pulling the flowers off the plants. Before I knew it Claire took a mad dash down the driveway and towards the street. Still with a pile of mail under my arm, I chased after her, but didn't catch her before she tripped and fell. At the end of our driveway there is a little dip for water to run down the street to the sewer. When walking both girls know to watch their step, but when running she lost control and fell. Claire planted her face right into the pavement in the street. Her nose started bleeding instantly, she was screaming, the mail went flying every where and Lillian was now laughing and running towards the street. I was in a panic, I scooped Claire up, grabbed Lillian's arm, and some how was able to get most of the mail. Lillian was not wanting to cooperate and go inside, Claire was starting to calm down once we were moving and I was talking to her, but we were both covered in blood.

Once inside Claire was no longer crying and we went straight to the bathroom. Claire sat on the counter and I was able to clean her up. Lillian was having a field day in their and unwound almost the whole roll of toilet paper. It took a bit for Claire's nose to stop bleeding, of course it doesn't help she didn't want me to hold tissue or anything to it. Oh well.
Last night her nose was a little tender when she would touch it or stick her finger in there and it was red on top. This morning, after starting to heal, you could see that the top of her nose was tore up, the side of her nose, the tip and just under it. I feel so bad for her, it does not look pretty at all and the above picture really does not so justice of how it really looks. Today she did not at all seem bothered by it, like she is in pain so that makes me happy.
I guess this teaches me that the girls are not yet ready to have that freedom in the front of the house. They laugh when they take off running and don't listen to my words when I tell them to stop. Some day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Afternoon at the Park

As the weather cools we are trying to spend as much time as possible as a family outside. On Sunday afternoon we heading to the park after Lillian and Claire woke up from their nap. Once we pulled into the parking lot and the girls saw the playground they became very excited and they ran right to the equipment.
I find it funny that at home the girls are monkeys and climb all over everything, at the park they are just now starting to feel a little more comfortable climbing on things, they are still very unsure though.
One thing they did love was running in the large grassy area and they loved the lion water fountain. They kept trying to feed it sticks and he received many hugs and pets. They were sad to head home, but we will go back soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Night Football

The girls have been ready for tonight's game all day. They have been dressed in their finest green and gold and wear it with pride. We have been practicing our high fives, cheering "go Pack go," and "touchdown." They even know to throw their arms up in the air for a touchdown. It is hard being an out of state Packer fan, we don't get all of the games, so it is very exciting when we have the chance to watch them.

Of course, at dinner there was just a tiny mess made.

So baths were in order. When I ask them if their are ready for a tubby (that is what we call a bath), they run to the bathroom door, take a firm stance, and push with all that they have., they even grunt because they are pushing so hard against the door.

Just a little side note...
I think it is time to go pick up some potty chairs for the girls. Claire without fail will stand in their room as soon as I strip her down before their bath and pee on the floor. The thing is, I know she knows exactly what she is doing because she always stands by their closet, bends forward just a bit so she can see and then goes. She did this three different times in the two minutes it took me to chase after Lillian and clean her up.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Pair of Grumps

This weekend in downtown Lee's Summit there was an Oktoberfest celebration. Since Josh was there working a bit of overtime, I decided to take the girls to check it all out. The were in awe of the different rides and watched them spin, flip and twist all around. We watched a weenier dog costume contest and they were clapping with the rest of the crowd. They had big smiles on their faces seeing each dog dressed as a banana, chicken, cheerleader, and handyman (they were pretty cute for weenier dogs). Both girls enjoyed watching the little girls perform their dance routine to "Twinkle Twinkle," and seeing all of the people in the crowd walking around.

All of a sudden out of no where a flip switched and they were both incredibly grumpy. The were not happy with the balloons they were given or stickers from the D.A.R.E. table. They did not want a drink of water and they did not want to walk and be free from the stroller. They were not happy!

My friend Kylie came with us and was a huge lifesaver with two grumpy girls. We walked to go grab some lunch in hopes that getting out of the crowd and what little sun there was would help, along with some food. They were happier when they were out of the stroller and able to walk around the restaurant, but Claire's happiness was short lived. She had no interest in eating any of her lunch, however, Lillian chowed down. We rushed through lunch and I only ate half of my food because these girls needed to get home.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same way. Claire refused to nap and Lillian only slept for about an hour, a far cry from their usual 2.5 hour nap. Claire did not want to eat anything at dinner, but again, Lillian chowed down. Claire was finally happy again when we went over to Aunt Maggie's and she was able to explore and chase the cats around.

Once we got home they both fought going to sleep, but eventually Lillian gave in. Claire woke up multiple times throughout the night and they both woke up hours earlier then usual this morning.

It has been a very strange weekend in our house. I am hoping tomorrow brings bigger smiles and more sleeping. I have a feeling though that they are both working on their molars, so we will have to wait and see.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trouble Has Come

I could hear the girls talking in their room and all of a sudden Claire's voice sounded much closer. I got up and and saw Claire standing in the hallway. Once she saw me she took of running for the room. She ran up to Lillian's bed and Lillian was laughing.
We think she stacked her animals on top of each other to get over the edge so we took those out. After we gave kisses again and left the room, she grabbed Scout and couldn't get over. The last minute or so, Claire is upset saying "help, help, help." Not too happy we took away her climbing buddies.
Guess we are dropping the cribs tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Girl Piggies

I love it that the girls hair is finally long enough to put all of their hair up into pig tails. The look like big girls with all of their hair pulled back and cute as can be. I put some of the hair clips I made in their hair and I was surprised they left them in for most of the afternoon.

Claire and I hung out just the two of us Saturday morning while Josh and Lillian had some one on one time at the grocery store and running some other errands. It is always so nice being able to get out and spend time with one at a time, I wish I had the chance to do that more often.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

21 Months Old

I can't believe Lillian and Claire are 21 months old already, where has the time gone? Okay, I know I say that with just about every update, but really, where has the time gone? In just three short months we will be celebrating their 2nd birthday. Yikes! I was trying to get some decent pictures of them this afternoon and they wanted nothing to do with it, as usual.
At 21 months, both of the girls are talking up a storm, they love dancing and singing, and they love reading books. They are such smart little girls. (Oh my gosh, I just said little girls instead of babies. Eek!) When we are looking at books they will go through and make all of the animal sounds, we will ask them to point out various items and they know what to point to. Claire also can pick out blue items. Tonight she was handing me a blue block and told me the color, this is not the first time she has done that.
These two girls make my heart so happy and when they give me a tight squeeze I feel even deeper in love with them. I feel so blessed I get to be their mom and watch them grow each and every day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brushing Teeth

Part of our bedtime routine is to brush teeth. When I asked the girls if they are ready to brush their teeth they get very excited and run back to their room, I hope this excitement keeps up as they grow older. We always let them practice brushing their own teeth first, but this usually involves slurping off the toothpaste right away, brush the lips and eventually they make it into their mouths. After they get their turn we will help them and get a more thorough brushing done. Finally they will get their toothbrushes back for a another minute or so. During this time they have been know to brush the teeth of the rocking horse in their room, their baby dolls teeth or lack of, and the other night Lillian was brushing the teeth of her stuffed monkey.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Words

I am super excited to announce this, Lillian over the weekend has said her first two word sentences. On Friday we were watching Josh out the front door mowing the lawn. Lillian and Claire stood by the door knocking and Lillian said, "hi daddy." Oh I squealed with excitement. It was clear as day in her sweet little voice. Then tonight Josh came home for dinner and as he was giving his goodbye kisses before having to get back on the road, Lillian said, "bye Daddy." Once again we both were so excited. Josh was especially excited since he didn't get to hear her the first time.
They constantly amaze me with their bursts of language and skills they develop on a daily basis.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Thursday morning we decided to take the girls to the zoo. Originally we were going to go today (Saturday), but decided Thursday would be perfect, the weather was right about 70 degrees and overcast and there was hardly anyone there. It was wonderful not having to fight crowds to see all the animals or get stuck behind pokey people because it would be too crowded to go around.
Both girls were getting excited as soon as we pulled into the parking lot and they could see the animals on the banners on the light poles, right away they started making all their animal noises.

Our first stop was to see the newest member of the Kansas City Zoo, the polar bear. He was amazing, I could have sat there all day long watching him. They created him a beautiful home, he has a giant pool to swim in and a ton of rock area to walk, climb and lay on. They also built several viewing areas, including bleacher type seating to see him swim and walk around.

The trainer was up on one of the cliffs having him do "tricks" and throwing him fish.
After she was done throwing fish, he did a lot of swimming. This is another reason I was glad we decided to go on Thursday... We were able to push the stroller right up to the glass and I didn't have to feel bad just letting the girls sit there for a long time to watch. The polar bear kept swimming right up to the glass and looking right at the girls. He would then take his giant hind paws and push off against the glass right in front of us. He did this about 5 times before we decided to back off and let some of the other kiddos there get to experience this. Check out those paws!
The girls loved it!
Since on our last trip to the zoo we went to visit all of the animals in Asia and Australia we went straight to Africa. We saw the zebras and giraffes.
The lions taking a nap.
Meerkats and so much more.
Before leaving we sat down and had a picnic lunch.
Then stopped for one last look at the antelope.
I am hoping to be able to make a few more trips before the weather turns too cold and since we have our zoo membership it is a fun free day for us.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Two Little Birds

I am not sure if all of you know this or not, but several months ago I opened up an Etsy shop to sell some of the many hair clips I make. I have sold several, but as you know, business can always do better.
My store is called Two Little Birds and over the past 6 months I have had fun creating hair clips of all kinds for little girls. To see more of the items I create you can visit me on Facebook or come see my Etsy store. I have so many exciting designs planned for all of the upcoming holidays, be sure to continue to check back because you never know when something new will be added.
I have also had many custom orders, so if there is something you want to match that perfect outfit let me know. You can email me at

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Snack Sack

Lillian found a bunny gift bag and decided to use it for her own special snack sack. She insisted on putting her sippy cup and graham cracker in the bag. When she wanted a drink for a bite of her cracker she would sit down on the floor, pull everything out of the bag then take a bite. Everything would go back into the bag then and she would run around finding something else to do and when ready she would repeat the sit down and snack step. This carried on until she was completely finished with her snack.

Room Play

Lately the girls love being able to spend as much time as possible playing and hanging out in their room. They are so happy when they are in there and find all the nooks and crannies to get into. It used to be that they were in their room to sleep, get dressed and have diapers changed. Now we go back there and just hang out for as long as they are interested. I think it is about time we make their room completely toddler proof and keep their bedroom door open so they can play in there whenever they want.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Artists at Work

We have been having troubles with our television for almost a year now and we have finally decided to do something about it. Wednesday evening we packed up the girls and took a trip to find a new TV and TV stand; Josh was very excited. We spent a lot of time in the store looking at all of our options and then some and finally decided what we wanted. The girls loved being in the giant store. They were in awe of the giant televisions (we did not get a giant one), the people, all the furniture and the large and bright skylights.
After shopping we decided we would go out for dinner since it would be almost an hour drive before we would make it back home and we would have two very hungry girls on our hands. After discussing all of our options we decided to try out Cheeseburger in Paradise, it would be a first for all of us. Josh and I both had a cheeseburger and the girls split a chicken quesidilla and fries, however, I think their favorite part of dinner was coloring on their menus.

When we bought home the new TV stand, Josh had the privilege or putting it together and to keep the girls entertained, I did want anyone else would do, give them a crayon to color on the giant box. They had so much fun scribbling all over and making the funny sound a crayon makes when it runs over the bumpy cardboard.

Now we have everything put together and we are loving the new television and stand!
Oh and the other day I said I would post a couple pictures of Hudson, so here are a few with the little man and Claire, who is only interested in him when he is on the floor.