Saturday, September 11, 2010

Artists at Work

We have been having troubles with our television for almost a year now and we have finally decided to do something about it. Wednesday evening we packed up the girls and took a trip to find a new TV and TV stand; Josh was very excited. We spent a lot of time in the store looking at all of our options and then some and finally decided what we wanted. The girls loved being in the giant store. They were in awe of the giant televisions (we did not get a giant one), the people, all the furniture and the large and bright skylights.
After shopping we decided we would go out for dinner since it would be almost an hour drive before we would make it back home and we would have two very hungry girls on our hands. After discussing all of our options we decided to try out Cheeseburger in Paradise, it would be a first for all of us. Josh and I both had a cheeseburger and the girls split a chicken quesidilla and fries, however, I think their favorite part of dinner was coloring on their menus.

When we bought home the new TV stand, Josh had the privilege or putting it together and to keep the girls entertained, I did want anyone else would do, give them a crayon to color on the giant box. They had so much fun scribbling all over and making the funny sound a crayon makes when it runs over the bumpy cardboard.

Now we have everything put together and we are loving the new television and stand!
Oh and the other day I said I would post a couple pictures of Hudson, so here are a few with the little man and Claire, who is only interested in him when he is on the floor.


  1. As a former band geek, I have to ask - do you know where Hunter's parents got his shirt?

  2. I believe it was a Carter's onesie or it could have been one of their off brands from Target. Sorry, if I remember I will ask on Monday.