Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Night Football

The girls have been ready for tonight's game all day. They have been dressed in their finest green and gold and wear it with pride. We have been practicing our high fives, cheering "go Pack go," and "touchdown." They even know to throw their arms up in the air for a touchdown. It is hard being an out of state Packer fan, we don't get all of the games, so it is very exciting when we have the chance to watch them.

Of course, at dinner there was just a tiny mess made.

So baths were in order. When I ask them if their are ready for a tubby (that is what we call a bath), they run to the bathroom door, take a firm stance, and push with all that they have., they even grunt because they are pushing so hard against the door.

Just a little side note...
I think it is time to go pick up some potty chairs for the girls. Claire without fail will stand in their room as soon as I strip her down before their bath and pee on the floor. The thing is, I know she knows exactly what she is doing because she always stands by their closet, bends forward just a bit so she can see and then goes. She did this three different times in the two minutes it took me to chase after Lillian and clean her up.

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