Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Chapter

Tuesday was the start of a new chapter in our lives which I am very excited about. Some good friends of ours, Josh and Kelly, had a sweet baby boy named Hudson on July 22nd. They asked me if I would be willing to care for their little man when Kelly had to go back to work. Of course I said yes! I view this as a win-win situation for our family. I have the opportunity to be home with the girls all day and still bring a some money in, on top of that, I get a newborn in the house again, but I don't have the midnight feedings.
I do feel bad for Kelly because I know how difficult it is to go back to work after being the main caregiver for your child their first two months of life. I have been trying to make this time away from her as easy as I can with text updates and pictures. I will add some pictures tomorrow of Hudson.
Lillian still seems a bit unsure of having him in the house all day, but she is warming up. As soon as she wakes up and comes running into the living room in the morning, she will come and sit down right new to Hudson and I on the couch; she calls him "Huts." I don't think she likes the competition of my attention. Claire could really seem to careless he is in the house. The only time she really takes notice is when I am feeding him and she wants to steal his bottle, funny since she has not drank from a bottle in more then 8 months. Also, when he is having floor time she will come and lay down next to him and check him out. Other then that, she is her usual self trying to find something to get into or running up and down the hall.
Josh is a bit on easy at times with Hudson in the house. He loves him, but hearing that newborn cry is never easy. He mentioned again today that Hudson will have to do for now, because this just made him sure that he is not ready for another one of our own. I would have to disagree, but oh well.

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