Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flu Shots

This afternoon we took the girls for their flu shots, but also had an appointment for Lillian. Both girls were talking up a storm once we entered the waiting room. They kept pointing to the giant fish tank and talking about them, playing with the big activity cube and ran around checking everything out. The especially enjoyed the over sized Halloween spider hanging from the ceiling over the reception area. Once it was our turn to walk back to the room, Lillian was a big girl and had to step on the scale for them to weigh her (25lbs) instead of sitting the counter scale like they always have in the past. They both seemed a little unsure when we walked into the exam room, but they warmed up quickly.
Same as last winter, Lillian has eczema on the back of her legs and in the crook of her left knee it has become an open sore. This sore has become infected and we were prescribed an antibiotic ointment to apply three times a day for a week. After that we have a steroid cream to the areas needed.
When it was time for their flu shots we sat them on our laps and they both were injected in the arm. Neither of them cried or really even flinched when it happened. I think it helped, both Josh and I said, "ready, set.... GO" and I think that helped distract them.

We will be heading back for their 2 year check up the end of December and hopefully we have no needs before then.

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  1. Good job getting them the flu shots. I am WAY behind on that for Landon.

    I hope Lillian's infection heals up soon too. I suffered from pretty severe eczema as a child. It was always the backs of my legs that had it the worst. I wonder why that is?