Friday, October 15, 2010

Stand on the Circle

Every afternoon after the girls wake up from their nap we talk a short walk holding hands to check the mail down the street. We have to walk past about 4 houses to get to our mailbox and some days this walk can take 15 minutes after having to stop and look at pumpkins, flowers, cats, rocks, and just about anything else that is on our trip. Once we make it to the mailbox I tell the girls to "stand on the circle." There is a sewer manhole cover that is right there, so they stand on that while I grab the mail out. Then we make the long trek back home.

This week they have been crazy about the flowers in front of our house. They love to sit on our front steps and pick all the petals off the flowers or take a big sniff while almost pulling them out of the ground. Another exciting thing is to pick the flower off the plant and bring it inside with them. Lillian will hold onto the flower the rest of the evening.


  1. So sweet that they are in love with the beauty of the outdoors!

  2. Walks with kids are fun. They see everything in nature for what it is . . . a true miracle!