Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visiting the Harrison Family

Last weekend we packed the car up and headed west to small town Lincoln, KS to visit some good friends of ours, Justin, Jessica and Levi. We had no real plans while out there, but to spend time catching up and letting the little ones play, Levi is 2 almost a year exactly older then the girls.
Lillian and Claire must know when we are heading off on a road trip, because without fail on any distance trip we take, one or both will vomit within the first 30 minutes in the car and this trip was no different. We were about to drive through downtown Kansas City when Lillian started to heave, she had a small vomit and was happy as can be once cleaned up. Claire then decided it was her turn and it was not so little, again we were still within the city limits. We took the next exit off the interstate and stopped to clean her up, change clothes and give hugs. After a drink of water she was feeling just fine as well. At this point we debated whether we should keep going or turn around. Since it was dinner time and both girls were now saying they were hungry, we drove a few miles further and stopped for dinner, still within the city limits.
Since Lillian and Claire both ate all of their dinner and were in happy spirits we decided to trek on. We realized it was going to be a late night if we drove the full 4 hours and it was already 7pm. We were a little more then halfway there and the girls were no longer content, so we decided to stop at a hotel and get a good nights sleep. Saturday morning we packed everything up again and finished the drive.
Saturday after naps we headed to a nearby park for a fall festival of sorts of the tots. They were able to search for the perfect pumpkin, put it down, pick up another, get distracted by the playground, find another and maybe it will be the final pick.
Claire is carrying around her pumpkin and Lillian was busy playing with the horse and neighing with it. When I asked her if she wanted to sit on the horse, with a very certain voice, said "no."
After the final pumpkin was selected we sat down and decorated them with various foam stickers and paint dappers. There were tons of options on the table, but the girls had lost interest, so we called it quits.
They then found their way to the sensory table filled with bird seed and acorns. They LOVED it! If it wasn't such a mess, I might consider doing this in our table, but it was a mess!
Just a quick shot of Josh and I since it doesn't happen often anymore.
There was also a bean bag toss which became more of a, grab a bean bag, walk to the bucket, drop it in, run away.

Lillian had fun going down the slide with Josh.
While Claire and I did some swinging.
Saturday night we took a walk after dinner to go get some ice cream and of course my ice cream lovers were in heaven.
Our final stop before arriving home was dinner at Freddy's. We have never been there before, but have heard great things we we decided to stop. The girls at all of their dinner and enjoyed checking everything and everyone out.
We had a great weekend, but it was wonderful sleeping in our own beds Sunday night. Lillian and Claire slept until 9am and took a 3 hour afternoon nap, I think it is safe to say they were wore out from a fun weekend.

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! Minus the throwing up of course!