Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and an enjoyable long weekend.
We had a great weekend in our house and it isn't even over yet! This was a very special Thanksgiving for us, since some of my family was able to make it down by us, the girls were very excited to see Grandpa Mark and Grandma Sandy Wednesday evening. This was very special to me since it has been four years since the last time I have been able to spend this holiday with any of my immediate family.
On Thursday we all woke up a little earlier then usual and spent some time lounging in our jammies. After everyone was dressed and ready, Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jim came over, not long after their arrival, Aunt Maggie and Uncle Baris also arrived. There was a lot of visiting, playing and eating. After everyone left and Lillian and Claire woke up from their nap we went downstairs to play. My two little monkeys were full of laughter jumping on the bed and laughing at Grandpa Mark pretending to snore (wonder what they would do if they heard the real thing). Before heading upstairs to have some dinner we read some books.

Friday morning Grandpa and Grandma decided to give Lillian and Claire their birthday gift early since they will not be able to make it back down for their party. First they peeked inside two little bags that held all sorts of animals. They were so excited about those. Then they pulled a large box out of an even larger gift bag to find a barn and even more animals. They LOVE it! The animals are pretty much the only toys they have played with the last two days. Their favorite is the giraffe, not exactly a farm animal, but still the coolest of the bunch.
Thank you Dad and Sandy for coming down and spending this weekend with us. Our time together is never long enough, but we can't wait to see you all again next month.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

23 Months

Once again I am a bad blogging mommy and have slacked at updating. I really have no excuse either, things are not any more crazy then usual here. Actually, I have been really bad at taking pictures lately as well and that is totally not like me.

Well, the girls are now 23 months old and that means we are less then a month away from them turning two. I am not at all ready for this to happen. Lillian and Claire are both talking up a storm now and you are really able to understand a lot more of what they are saying. When they see something they want, they say "please mommy" or "please daddy" and make it pretty much impossible to not give them what they want because they are too stinking cute.

They are so compassionate when they see someone upset or hurt. They want to make sure the other is alright, even if it is a character in a book or on television that is crying. When one falls and starts to cry, the other will come over and offer a hug and soft touches, usually a stroke on the cheeck.

They hold hands all the time, running down the hall, watching television, sitting in the stroller or just standing there. They still love to play Ring Around the Rosie and now they fall down when they are supposed to instead of just laugh.

Here are three of our favorite pictures from when we had our family photos taken with Erin Leigh Studios that we purchased.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the Basket

Playing with Food

Saturday night after dinner I gave the Cool Whip with food coloring in it. Lillian dove right in and started "painting" all over her highchair tray, Claire wanted nothing to do with it. By accident, Lillian tasted the paint and learned it was sweet and delicious. She quickly started to scoop it up and eat it all. Claire was still sitting there looking at the paint, but didn't wait to touch it. I went over to Claire and put her hands in the Cool Whip and she did the rest herself. They both would have licked their trays clean if I would have let them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whatever it Takes

Lately I have been willing to do whatever it takes to get a smile on the girls faces in pictures. The other day it was M&Ms. I waved the bag around and gave them a piece of candy every few photos to keep them happy. Claire was pretty much willing to do whatever I wanted for a little piece of candy. Lillian just wanted the candy and didn't want to smile for it.

Claire was even trying to give hugs and kisses when I asked to get her candy, again Lillian wanted nothing to do with it.

Lillian was saying "please, candy" while doing the sign. She had rainbow drool coming down her chin.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Torture of a Picture

For the life of me, I cannot get a picture of the girls together to use for our Christmas cards this year. They will not stand anywhere near each other when I have the camera out, but on that rare occasion where I might catch them, they quickly look the other way. I have even tried getting individual shots, but even that is a fail. Anyone else want to give it a try?

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today was a no nap day for Lillian. Nap time started out with two bouncing, giggling and chatting girls. This lasted about an hour and a half before Claire finally fell asleep. Once Lillian no longer had a playmate the grumpiness set in. She was back there with the worst fake cry trying to wake Claire up and get my attention. After 20 minutes of her acting all goofy, I went back to their room to get them up. When I open the door to their room, I see all of Lillian's cuddle animals on the floor, her blanket on the floor and her left arm some how pulled out of her shirt and dress. How this child was able to get her arm out of the neck hold of her outfit is beyond me.

After dinner I needed to mop the kitchen floor and apparently this was very exciting for two little girls. They both laid down on the living room floor on the other side of the gate and watched me the entire time I mopped. This is not the first time they have seen me mop and I am not sure why this time was so exciting to them, but it was pretty cute seeing them lay there with so much interest.


Lillian has started to catch up with Claire in the climbing department and I am not a fan. For the last many months while Claire was climbing on everything I was thinking Lillian was not going to be a climber. Silly me. Apparently Lillian was just waiting for Claire to start listening and know the rules about climbing before she joined in on the fun.
Now I cannot keep her off the back of the couch, standing there looking out the window. The coffee table is another hot spot that she wants to dance on all the time as well. The difference between Claire climbing and Lillian climbing is that Claire responds to time outs and it didn't take her long to realize they were not fun. Lillian, on the other hand, could care less. She is usually pretty happy sitting there waiting for her time to be up, she sings, wiggles, and wants to chat with Claire who is across the room. Once she is up, she will run straight back to whatever it was she was doing and laughs. We repeat time out, she repeats the process. Not fun!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Corner

We have a couch that really is one of the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on. The fabric is soft, it sits deep and really is just all around wonderful. The best part of the couch though is without a doubt the corner where the two sections meet. I would get stuck in the corner when I was hugely pregnant. Oh who am I kidding, I get stuck in it when I am not pregnant and it is so hard to drag myself out when I am all cozy. Both of the girls have discovered this corner and are always cuddling up there. They will pull a blanket on top of them, relax and are happy. Every now and then you can hear Claire pretend she is snoring after she says "night, night." It usually doesn't take long for one to spot the other snuggled up and wanting to join them.

I should also add that they generally do not climb on the couch like a normal child would. They for some reason feel the need that they have to climb over the arm of the couch and run down the length.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting Over It

Just wanted to share these two pictures of Claire and Lillian still working over the sickies on Sunday.

Sneak Peek!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us and helped us win the photo contest on Facebook a few weeks ago. We had our photo shoot on Tuesday afternoon and our wonderful photographer, Erin from Erin Leigh Studio, posted a sneak peek on her blog.

It's Been a Crazy House

Monday the girls started to finally feel better after a weekend full of being sick, but still wouldn't eat a real meal. We had several days of Cheerios and graham crackers all day long. During lunch on Monday my stomach started to feel a bit off. I took a nap right along with the girls that afternoon and woke up feeling even worse. Of course it was torture on me trying to take care of the girls since Josh was working (he couldn't take any more time off after already taking the two days prior off when the girls were sick) while being extremely ill myself. Luckily the girls were so well behaved, there was no climbing, hitting, screaming or crying. Monday was a very rough night for me. Tuesday I was starting to feel a little better, my stomach was no long turning, but my body still felt weak. We took our family photos that afternoon and the girls had so much fun playing at the park. This was the first park trip they were climbing up all the ladders, going down slides and exploring. They are still not fans of the swings. Wednesday I was still very tired and was lucky enough to get some rest while Josh took care of the girls. By the end of the girls nap I was feeling so much better, one more good sleep should get me back to 100% I hope.

Here is to hoping that this is the only sickness that hits our house this season.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well we have been a vomit free house for the last 12 hours. Yay! Lillian and Claire both slept pretty solid from 12:30am until roughly 6:45am. Not too good considering they usually fall asleep by 8:30pm and sleep until 8:30/9am on a normal day. We started the day by giving them small doses of Pedialyte like the doctors office suggested, but that just made them mad, because they wanted more. We didn't want to give them too much at once in case their stomachs were not able to handle the intake. After they kept down the small amounts for about and hour and half we gave them a sippy cup of fluids and some Cheerios. They were finally happy! Once 10am rolled around they were extremely grumpy, well, mostly Claire. I made them some toast and cut up a banana for lunch to keep things light. Lillian had a few bites of toast, Claire wanted nothing to do with it. They are now napping, two hours early, but all of us were ready for it. Their diapers have not been very wet, so that worries me a bit, but hopefully after they wake up they will perk up a bit and take in even more fluids.

Here is to hoping they continue to be vomit free and feeling more like themselves after some sleep.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh What A Day!

Today has been quite the day. Actually, the morning was great. Josh went to work early, so it was just the three girls. We cuddled, read books and watched Olivia. After nap things took a turn for the worst. Lillian woke up whimpering, but that happens at least once a week and they tend to take turns who gets to wake up whiny. I put their hair in a pony tail then went in the kitchen to get dinner ready for the oven while they ate snack. Shortly after 5pm Lillian came over to the baby gate looking at me in the kitchen and threw up. I brought her into the kitchen and she vomited again. After cleaning her up she was happy and we cuddled on the chair. Claire was all smiles, but come over to make sure Lillian was alright. About 20 minutes after the first vomit episode, Lillian vomited again. Shortly after I cleaned her up, Claire took her turn and vomited as well. I decided I was finished cleaning the living room carpet, so we hung out in the kitchen where it would be easier to clean everything. Josh was able to take the rest of the evening off work which was a lifesaver since they both continued to vomit all evening long about every 30 minutes. All four of us spent the evening in the kitchen watching Olivia on the computer and coloring. The girls spend the whole time hanging out in their diapers for easy clean up.
I did make a call to our pediatricians office and they recommended for us to stop all fluid intake since they were vomited it all up. She said if the vomiting continues through the night and tomorrow, then in the morning to try small doses of Pedialyte. If even that comes up, then we will have to take them into the ER so they can receive fluids via IV.
Shortly after 9pm we finally put them to bed. It is now 12:30am and Claire has been up three times heaving with very little vomit, but only because there is nothing left in her stomach. Lillian was just up this last time with Claire, heaving with little vomit. We are out of clean sheets and on our third set of PJs for the night. I know their throats are hurting from all of the vomiting, but any fluids we offer will just come right back up. My poor babies. I really hope they will be able to sleep through the rest of the night. At this point I am not sure if I am glad we get an extra hour to sleep or if it is another hour that will bring pain to my girls. I guess I will just have to let you know tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Claire and Lillian hanging coloring. They were happy as can be between vomits, but when their bellies started to rumble you could tell by the quick change in attitude and looks on their faces.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Funny Face

Yesterday morning Lillian and Claire was hanging out watching Dora. I caught the last few minutes of it with Lillian cuddled up next to me. When I looked at her I saw her stick her thumbs in the sides of her mouth and pull her cheeks out. I was confused when I saw her do that, but then I looked up at the television screen and saw Boots (Dora's sidekick) doing the same thing. Apparently during the show they were all making funny faces and this was what Dora and Boots were doing, so of course Lillian and Claire started doing it as well. It is the funniest thing and they gets so exited about it. I just wish they would have shown me there best funny faces when I wanted to take a picture.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun

Here are a few more photos (ok, so it is more then a few, but I really tried to cut it down from all of them that I took) from Halloween.

This is what we get when we try to get them to sit together for a picture.

It's a plane!

They both enjoyed their delicious apple. Lillian ate hers to the core and Claire ate most of hers as well.

It didn't take Claire long to find the bowl of candy for the trick or treaters on the table.
And of course Lillian needed in on it as well.

*** Just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone who voted for us in the photo contest. It was close and we ended up winning by four votes at the last minute. We have our photo shoot next week and once I have those photos back I will share them.