Friday, November 12, 2010

The Corner

We have a couch that really is one of the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on. The fabric is soft, it sits deep and really is just all around wonderful. The best part of the couch though is without a doubt the corner where the two sections meet. I would get stuck in the corner when I was hugely pregnant. Oh who am I kidding, I get stuck in it when I am not pregnant and it is so hard to drag myself out when I am all cozy. Both of the girls have discovered this corner and are always cuddling up there. They will pull a blanket on top of them, relax and are happy. Every now and then you can hear Claire pretend she is snoring after she says "night, night." It usually doesn't take long for one to spot the other snuggled up and wanting to join them.

I should also add that they generally do not climb on the couch like a normal child would. They for some reason feel the need that they have to climb over the arm of the couch and run down the length.

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