Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas In the Park

Last week we loaded the girls up in the car and headed to the park, Christmas in the Park. One of the local parks in town sets up a giant light display every winter that draws people from all of the city for a spectacular display. We went during the week because on the weekends you can want hours in line just to enter the park; it's like the best roller coaster at the amusement park, you wait and wait for a short but worth it ride.
Lillian and Claire loved it! They were commenting on the lights, colors and animations and had a look of pure joy on their faces as we wove through the display. I wish there was a way to capture the beauty of the lights in photos, but the only way to really appreciate the wonders is by visiting them yourself.

Many of the lights were animated, but of course a photo only catures the still.
This bear blew bubbles that grew bigger and bigger until it popped. The white circle beside the bear is a bubble.

This faris wheel was made to look like it was spinning.
The gingerbread people went up and down on the teeter toter

There was a man that looked like he was skiing on the mountain then jumped off the ramp and landed across the driving path.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the weekend wait. My brother & SIL are in town this weekend and after reading your post I crossed the lights off our to-see list. We did go to get pizza at the same exit and by the time we left around 7, the backup to get to the lights was way down View High! I think next year we may take Ben on a weeknight.