Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh No, Kitty.

Last week Wednesday when I went to get Lillian and Claire out of their cribs at nap time, Claire had a surprise for me. I walked into their room and found some cotton filling on the floor in front of her crib. This is not a huge surprise since they have these pink cats that they love, but have found little holes and pull out the stuffing. There was a little more then usual on the floor and a little round disk with a heart on it. I then look up and see Claire holding out handfuls of stuffing. Ah oh. I look in her crib and find the hold right side covered. While asking Claire what happened, Lillian is standing in her crib, saying "oh no, kitty" over and over. Claire hands me her now floppy cat and I am able to see exactly what she did.
These cats were made for them by a friend of ours from a Build-a-Bear type place. After they were picked out, stuffed and have a special heart added just for them, they are closed up with a very small zipper. Miss Claire has recently discovered that zippers can be pulled up and down and that is exactly what she did with her favorite cat. The thing is, once the zipper came down, the stuffing came out. Luckily, we were able to stuff the kitty back up, zip her shut and it has not happened again.

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