Monday, January 24, 2011

Buddled Up

Last week while the girls were getting ready for bed they decided they needed to wear their hats and mittens. They were so excited to be all bundled up with both their monkey hats and their special hats Grandma Sandy made them for Christmas. They happily put on their mittens and they loved their matching scarves Grandma Sandy made.
Once all bundled they ran into the living room straight for the gate that blocks them from entering the kitchen. They both shake the gate and point to the patio door. Claire said, "play snow, play snow!"
I felt so bad. They could see the snow falling all evening and since they had so much fun playing in our last snow fall they wanted to do the same. I had to tell them no, since they were in their jammies and it was bed time. The weather has been too cold here to be able to take them out since then. It is supposed to warm up this week, so hopefully before everything melts we will make it out there.

This was the following morning looking out our patio door. I believe there was about 7 or 8 inches of snow that feel the night before.
The girls are perched on the couch watching the neighbors shovel their driveway.

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