Saturday, January 15, 2011


The other night after dinner we had a fun family outing to Target. We had a few essentials that had to be picked up so off we went. Lillian and Claire always sit so nicely in the double carts that handle like a semi when pushing them. They were saying hi to almost everyone we walked past and would get excited when they saw something that caught their eye.
After checking out we stopped past the Target Cafe to get a bag of popcorn since we had a 50 cents off coupon; can't pass that up. As soon as Claire saw me walking with the bag she started saying, "pancon, pancon" and wouldn't let up until she got some. However, once she shoved the kernels into her mouth she immediately started asking for more. Did asked as we walked through the parking lot, as we got in the car and the whole way home.
Once we arrived home, we had the girls sit at their table and chairs in the playroom and they each had a little snack of popcorn. They both gobbled it up and asked for more. Lillian wasn't as interested as Claire so she stopped eating her second serving and started to play. Claire quickly moved to Lillian's chair and finished it off.
Today we went to the mall and on our way Claire was sitting in the back and this is what she said. "Mommy, pancon?"
Josh and I have come to the conclusion that Lillian as more of a sweet tooth since she is always asking for candy, while Claire likes the salty more and asks for popcorn and chips. They really do not get these items very often, but they sure know what it is when they see it.

Over the holidays we some how managed to loose the cord for our camera that charges the battery. Since then we have taken hardly any pictures since the battery is completely dead and our old camera doesn't take very good pictures and doesn't hold a charge for long. Hopefully soon we will either find the cord or be able to buy a new charger.

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