Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, the Pushing!

I don't know what has gotten into Lillian and Claire lately, but they are all about pushing each other, especially if they are close to a wall, shelf or some other hard surface to hit their head against. They take turns with the pushing too. I don't know if they are trying to find a dominance over one another and this is a way of doing it, if they are just loosing patience with each other, who knows. The pushing seems to come out of nowhere. One will be standing watching a commercial that catches their attention, the other will just walk up and shove over and over again. One might be standing by the gate to the kitchen and the other one will shove. Walking down the hall, sitting on the couch, looking out the window or door. I can see if there was a toy or something else that they are fighting over, but there is usually nothing involved.
I really hope this is a short phase, because I am tired of it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thnigs that I Love

I love waking up in the mornings hearing Lillian and Claire laughing and playing in their room.

I love when Lillian says, "Mommy, mommy?" I respond, "what do you need, Lillian?" She almost always says, "Mommy, I'm coming!" Most of the time she is right by my side already.

I love when Claire starts pointing to things and telling me what colors the items are.

I love watching my girls dance and hearing them sing.

I love their sweet giggles.

I love seeing them hug and kiss each other.

I love when Lillian puts her hands on my face and says, "cute Mommy."

I love seeing two little girls snuggle with each other.

I love seeing Claire point to letters and numbers and "reads" them.

I love hearing Lillian count to three.

I love those goofy grins.

I love how their imaginations are soaring.

I love when I get home or walk into a room they come running up to hug me.

I love seeing them run down the hall, especially in their jammies.

I love how Claire calls her stuffed animals and penguins Honey.

I love how adventurous they can be.

I love when Lillian gives "check-ups" with their doctor kit.

I love the little girls they are turning into.

I love how sweet and caring they are.

I love that they are mine.

**side note about the photos**
The sunglasses have been packed away for sometime because in the past they have always tried to brake them or flip out when we would try to put them on them. They have recently become obsessed with them.
As you can see, Lillian has undies on over her leggings. I went shopping earlier in the week and picked up some Elmo underwear in the hopes of them becoming more interested in the idea of potty training. Well, as soon as they saw the Elmo undies they loved them and wanted to wear them, so over the pants they went.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remembering Sydney and Carynne

If you have been following along with my blog since the beginning you have heard the names Sydney and Carynne many times. If you only started to follow recently, let me fill you in on these angels. Sydney and Carynne are twin daughters to a friend of mine, Brook. They were diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) in January 2009 when they were only 5 months old. While their life expectancy was shortened with this disease, we were all shocked to learn that on February 22, 2009 Carynne passed away. The following day, February 23, 2009 Sydney also became an angel.
Today and tomorrow mark the 2 year anniversary of their deaths and these two little angels and their parents, Brook and Jake, are in my thoughts every day. They have shared their Sweet Girlies story on their blog and have since started using it as a way to raise awareness about this devastating disease. To find out more about SMA and how to help please visit the Families of SMA website.

To honor the memory of Sydney and Carynne, we wore pink today and will again tomorrow. I belong to a wonderful community of moms of multiples (twins and triplets) and we all took photos of our children holding pink hearts for Brook and Jake to remind them that no matter how many years, months, or days have passed, we will never forget their baby girls.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing at the Park

What's that? It is February and we went to the park? Yup! The weather has been beautiful and we went to visit the part for the first time since the start of November. It was so fun seeing the girls run and explore in new ways then they did last summer and fall. They are so much more courageous when climbing, swinging and going down the slide.
In the fall, Claire was not at all a fan on the swings. As a matter of fact, she hated them. She would scream as soon as you tried putting her on the swing. Now, all she wanted to do was swing. She had the biggest smile, laughed and said "weeeeeeeee" the whole time she was swinging.
Lillian has developed a love for the slide. After she went down the first time with the help of Daddy, she found a new love. Lillian would go down the slide, run back to the steps, climb, then go down the slide again. She did this at least six times in a row, before she ran on the climber, then came back to the slide.
I can't wait for winter to really be over and we can have more trips to the park.

And just because it is a cute picture...

Saturday, February 19, 2011


On Thursday the weather was beautiful, it hit 70 degrees here. I was able to turn the heat off and open all the windows for fresh air, I loved it! Of course, since it is only February the warmth does not last long, but we have been enjoying it while we can.
Claire went back to their room and came out holding both her and Lillian's swimsuits. She sat down and tried to put it on. I helped them both out and they wore their suits over their leggings. As soon as they had them on, Claire asked to go outside to swim. Sadly, it was not warm enough for that, but they did love spending the morning playing in in their swimsuits and sitting in front of the open window with the breeze blowing threw.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Tuesday morning Claire woke up at 6:30am, Lillian followed shortly after. This made a rough morning for everyone since it is more then 2 hours earlier then their "normal" wake up time. Well, 6:30 is a long way from their 2pm nap time so I had to do something to help break up the morning and keep them from continuing to shove each other around.
I have secretly been craving cake for a few days now and decided the girls and I needed to do some baking. Hudson was taking a great nap and Lillian and Claire were becoming crabby; it was a perfect time to bake.
Before they came in kitchen, I toke everything I need out, had it measured and ready to go. Both of the girls were so excited when they were able to climb up on the kitchen chairs and see all of the ingredients sitting on the table. They each had a turn pouring in a little bit of the cupcake mix. Yes, I used a mix. It would be way too much work and mess to make them from scratch with the help of toddlers.

Claire poured in the oil and Lillian poured in the water.
They both took turns stirring and did great most of the time waiting for their turn. Of course, as soon as they had to pass the bowl and spoon they right away started asking for it to be there turn again.

There were moments they didn't want to take turns and I thought the bowl might go flying off the able.
I added the eggs and they stirred.

Their favorite part of the cooking, they added the sprinkles.
After the sprinkles were added, I cleaned the girls up and sent them back into the living room so I could make sure the batter was properly mixed, scooped the batter into cupcake tins and let the baking begin. Having the help of two toddlers more then doubled the time it would take me to make the cupcakes, but that was the point and the loved it. Maybe next time we can bake brownies.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early Risers

We are all becoming very stir crazy with being stuck in the house all of the time. The weather is starting to warm up, but now our yard is a swamp of mud. Both girls have also decided the last month or so that they no longer like to sleep until 9am like they have been for the last year, they now have to wake up by 8am the latest. This morning they were starting to wake up at 6:30 and would not go back to sleep. Well, to help break up these long mornings I have been trying to come up with different activities to keep them busy and out of trouble.

The other morning I decided we needed some new paintings to hang up, so I put two little artists to work. Lillian and Claire both love to paint. They squish the paint between their fingers, rub it all around on the paper and they may even move off the paper.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Growing Up

Just before I grabbed the camera Lillian was helping hoist Claire over the arm of the couch. She stood behind her, grabbed Claire's feet with a lift and a push trying to help her over.

Lillian is very focused on her drawing.
Claire coloring

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day. I am lucky enough to get to spend it with my best girls who bring so much love and happiness to my heart every single day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peas and Chili

Some days I get really frustrated with the girls when they refuse to eat and throw their food at each other or on the floor. I have to constantly remind myself that they will eat when they are hungry, they are not starving or under weight. I do not need to spoon feed them, because they can do it themselves and they will survive if they don't eat a meal or two.
Lately though, it has become even more frustrating when they refuse to eat even their favorite foods like spaghetti or chicken nuggets. However, the next day they might eat something that I never thought they would and it completely surprises me.
Last week Josh made some taco skillet dish type thing (like my name for the meal) and Claire ate every last bite of hers and even asked for more. Sunday night we made chili to enjoy during the Super Bowl and I was again surprised how both the girls ate all their chili and then some.
Veggies are very hit and miss, some days they will eat everything and some days they will see peas on their plate and with a big smile call them a ball and try bouncing and throwing them.
I am happy I have two very healthy and happy girls, who overall do not have any feeding issues. Many other families are not as lucky as we are when it comes to this issue. This week is actually Feeding Tube Awareness week and I would like to share the blog of my friend Annie. Annie has adorable two and half year old twin boys, Jaxon and Brady. Jax has has a feeding tube of some form since birth and is such a fighter. Please visit Annie's blog to learn more about her family and also to watch a short video to see many other beautiful children who need a tube to get proper nutrition to help them grow and thrive.